Products My Curly Wavy Hair Can't Live Without!

Any curly-wavy girl can tell you in order to get our hair to look its absolute best, there is a lot of trial and error--for me It was mostly error--however, once you practice styling and play around enough, you learn what products, tricks and techniques you hair loves, and what they don’t love as much.

My list includes details about the tools and products from my favorite brands including Living Proof, Kerastase, Briogeo, Raw Curls, Devacurl & More.

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<3 Diane


  1. I share the love for almost all the product you mentioned :P Great article!

  2. Yeah I completely agree with you that curly hair ask for more care than normal ones. My sister though has best curling iron in the market but never take serious care of her hair. Then she blames the curlers for hair damage!


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