Super Helpful Tips for PLATINUM Blonde Hair!

In a perfect world, my hair would be identical to Elsa from Frozen: beautifully platinum and long! But in this world, at least right now- sadly, not so much. I tried going way lighter with my hair and loved every second of it last year, but because of previous damage within my hair, I was experiencing too much breakage despite babying my hair like crazy so I had to return a bit darker. Now that Olaplex is on the market, I am hoping to re attempt lighter blonde in a few years after I let the so-far-gone damaged lengths of my hair grow out and keep getting trims.

However, if you have healthy hair and have been dying to go the beautiful Ice Princess route, I came across this post from The Beauty Department talking all about tips and tricks for achieving Platinum Blonde Hair. I thought this was extremely helpful and wanted to share, and I also feel some of the information here can benefit us blondes of all shades. If brassiness is your number one nemesis you have to check this information out.

I hope you found that post helpful. I now have a wishlist of blonde products I want to try and it would nice seeing my beloved Shimmer Lights on that list!

<3 Diane

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