T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter Review

I have read time and time again that using a shower filter will do great things for the hair and skin. It makes sense--they sell filtered water to drink so why not use it externally too? On my never ending quest to get my best hair possible, in October I finally caved in and bought one. I gave myself ample time to use it so I could provide this thorough review.

I decided to purchase the T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter during Sephora’s 20% off sale back on October and I have been using it ever since. It retails for $130-150. What really intrigued me about this specific model was that aside from the filter it has 8 different setting speeds and pressures like my old showerhead did. It is also hand held so if I was just washing my hair and not my whole body I can do so rather easily.

Find out my thoughts on this shower filter and if it helped my skin and hair by reading my article on naturallycurly.com HERE.

<3 Diane

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