So I am going to start this post off by saying I am human. We all are. I used to have a little Youtube channel for about 2 years. I stopped it in October 2014. Though I will not go into the details why, as many factors lead me to the ultimate decision to stop it, I did.

Truthfully, I am humbly taken back at how much attention (for lack of a better word) stopping my videos seemed to have caused. I didn't think my little channel was that big of a deal. I really didn't think you would even notice me gone! I think there are so many vloggers out there way better than I ever was. I do have several reasons as to why I stopped, and I really don't like talking about them and it is nothing personal aimed at anyone directly. Part of it is having A LOT less free time then I did, but there are things deeper than that. I kindly thank you for respecting the wishes of me not going into further detail.

So this post is to thank you if you did ever watch me on there. I apologize for leaving so suddenly and abruptly. Perhaps I should have made a formal announcement or went about it a different way. As mentioned before, I am human and we all do make mistakes and don't always do things the best way they should be done. Hopefully you will forgive me, if not, I respect that too.

I hope you will continue to follow me on my revamped blog and social media.

Why the change of blog name?
Though I do enjoy my natural curls I find myself stretching my curls out to looser waves more often and also blow drying them to be way more on the straighter wavy side as of late. I find it easier to get multiple days on a tighter schedule with for the time being.

Thank you again for watching, reading and the support.
I hope we can remain friends

<3 Diane


  1. I really enjoyed your YouTube channel and were wondering for the longest time why your videos weren't popping up on my list of what to watch. I am so glad I have found your blog though! Love your honest reviews and confessions of being a beauty junkie (like myself) and loving QVC (also like myself) :) I wish you success in all that you do!

  2. I couldn't have said it better than Lindsay. It is safe to say that your "little channel" was fun to watch and I do respect your desire not to make videos and I am glad I found your blog. :-)

  3. I'm sorry to see you go but I wish there was a little more explanation as to why. It's only normal to be curious and we've watched you on YT for so long. Wish you the best!


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