Dr. Gross Skincare Age Defying Solutions QVC Kit Review

Back in early January, there was a Today's Special Value kit on QVC I had to have! The Dr. Gross Age Defying Solutions 3 piece system is an incredible kit to target a multitude of skin problems and at a great price. The good news is even if you missed the super low TSV price, it is still available on QVC at a considerable savings vs. buying each item separately. I have been eying the skincare in this kit for quite a while now and was really excited to see this configuration put together. Now that I've been using it over a month, I feel I can give a thorough review.

With skincare, it is important to use products at least 21 days to see how your skin reacts and behaves, as there could be an adjustment period.

Being in my late, late 20s with combination, acne prone skin, my skincare concerns are acne, anti-wrinkle age prevention as well as wanted to treat prior sun damage caused by an ignorant teenage self who used to bake in the tanning beds with oil (I know, I know)

It's no secret in the beauty industry Retinol is the best ingredient you can use on your skin to combat some of my above mentioned issues. It's always important to use sunscreen, but especially important if you are using Retinol, as it makes the skin more sensitive to the sun.

This kit consists of:
  • 45-count pack of Alpha Beta Peel Pads Step 1
  • 45-count pack of Alpha Beta Peel Pads Step 2
  • 1.7-oz Retinol Fibroblast Moisturizer
  • 1-oz Brightening Solution

You had the choice with the Alpha Beta Peel Pads to go with Original or Extra Strength. I went with Extra Strength since I've used peels and acids before and knew my skin can handle it. Of all the items in the kit, these were the only things I have used prior and had excellent results (side note: I stopped due to a mix of product junkie-ism and lack of money)

 Here is what QVC.com says about the products:

"Why is it different: The Alpha Beta Peel helps to improve cell turnover, smooth skin, and improve texture, leading to a brighter, healthier-looking appearance. The brightening solution and moisturizer with Ferulic Acid + Retinol help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping skin appear firmer and younger-looking."

Alpha Beta Peel Pads

What I say: These are easy to use and the pads are use. I actually cut them in half to get 90 days out of the jars as opposed to 45 and still have enough for my face, neck, chest and hands! I use them every night or every other night and I apply step 1, wait 2 minutes (good time to brush my teeth) and then apply step 2. I know it sounds crazy, but my skin looked better after 2 nights! It looked more radiant, clear and even toned. I forgot how much I adore these and don't ever want to be without them again.Out of the whole kit, they are my favorite.

Ferulic Acid & Retinol Brightening Solution

What I Say: I was really excited to try this, as I have a close friend obsessed with this stuff. Right now I am only using it at night and I use the Dr. Gross Clinical Concentrate Purifying Booster in the morning, but I want to see if it is safe to mix them so I can get the benefits twice a day. It is lightweight, almost like water and sinks into my skin instantly. I like knowing this is helping to fight previous sun damage!

Ferulic & Retinol Fibroblast Anti-Aging Moisturizer

What I say: This stuff is very potent, I need the teeniest, tiniest amount. I am using it twice a day and following up with sunscreen in the morning. With this dry winter, it isn't too heavy for my combination skin at the moment but I do have concerns come Summer time, it may be a bit too much for me. It glides onto my skin like butter and leaves me feeling nice and hydrated. If you do have dry, mature skin I think you would fall in love with this moisturizer.

When I use the products at night, after cleansing my face with my Clarisonic and a cleanser, I use the pads, then the serum and then the moisturizer followed with an eye cream.

Overall, I really like the Dr. Gross skincare products. I just am just beginning to notice some fine lines and am hoping by using good anti-aging skincare products, I will stop them before they turn into deep wrinkles. So for me, using these products are also about being preventative, it is never too early to do so! As mentioned, I have only been using them about a month so I look forward to great results with continued use. I signed up for the auto delivery option which means the kit will be delivered to me every few moths at the Today's Special Value price.

Here is a picture of my with no makeup on my face, no flash and no filter (please don't be mean)

disclaimer: products bought by me. All thoughts and opinions are my own, honest views, as always.

<3 Diane

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