Hair of the Day: low braid without the ponytail

So here's the thing- I've been in a permanent state of exhaustion lately. Having long 12 hour days is doing nothing good for me, my health (I won't even go there) or my looks. I wake up exhausted in the morning and want to get ready as quick as humanly possible while still looking like a decent human being. I would be lying if I said I didn't dream of having super easy to manage, straight hair.
Anyway, my hair is in fact a beast that needs to be tamed in the morning. It has become a habit to do low ponytails with braids or buns or high buns or anything to contain my hair when it won't stay down and nice. However, all of these ponytails are starting to result in a super ugly "ponytail dent" amongst my waves so I have to do something to fix it before that dent gets worse- ease up on the ponytail styles. 

I went with a side part today. Most days I'll just push it back and use a headband but I'm concerned with headband dent like ponytail debt now. The joys of low elasticity hair! 

I am not a good braider, I've mentioned this before. But after practicing and practicing I am finally getting a decent low braid without needing to tie a ponytail   At the nape of my neck. This doesn't sound like much for most, but it's a big deal and accomplishment for me! Also, it's near impossible for me to take a good picture at 7am, especially of the back of my head (everyone else is still sleeping)  sorry that these aren't the greatest. 

I sprayed the carols daughter mirabelle plum leave in throughout my hair (review on this line soon- it's amazing!) and then some living proof restore repair lotion on top. I used the DevaCurl set up and above pomade to keep the pesky edges along my hairline in control.

Please ignore my roots, I'm heading to the salon Saturday for a touch up! And now, a nap on the bus. 

<3 diane

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