MEMEBOX Valentine's Day #2: Candy For Me Review

Memebox is fun beauty subscription box. What's nice about this is it is not a re-occurring subscription box, and you only buy the boxes you may be interested in. Sometimes they tell you what it in the box and sometimes it is all a mystery. The Memebox focuses on popular Korean beauty products. I received one box prior to this a few months ago and enjoyed the products so this is my second box.

This is what their website says about them:
Memebox is the fastest trending beauty company in the world. We offer the latest Korean beauty products in exclusive curated boxes and collaborate with rising digital stars to create the latest looks with our own makeup line, XO Memebox.

The Valentine's Day #2 Candy for Me box caught my eye around the beginning of February because it was a box full of candy scented products!! Having a big sweet tooth I knew I had to indulge. I do wish there were chocolate scented products in the box. Some items I love and some I will be passing on, as they aren't for me. I paid about $32.00 for the box.

Shara Shara Berry Berry Cleansing Sherbet.
Full Size 70g $14
This is a full size cleansing product that I am absolutely in love with!!! It smells like strawberry milk- yummy!! How adorable is the packaging?!?! I followed the directions on the card and I apply this on dry skin at night time and it removes all of my makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara very gently!! Without a doubt this is my favorite product in the kit between the smell and effectiveness. It leaves my skin makeup free and super soft as step 1 in my double cleansing routine at night. (Side note: I use this first massaging it with my hands, I then add water in circular motions and wash it off. I them dry my face and go in with my clarisonic and cleanser made for acne prone skin.)

Elizavecca Aqua Rising Steam Filler Moisture Cream
100g $46
The card describes this as a moisturizer much like "Gelato Cream" and it is supposed to smooth and moisturize the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, minerals and vitamins to instantly nourish stressed, dry skin and supposedly gives noticeable improvements in skin's texture and suppleness. I can't give a review of this product aside from the fact I opened it just to smell it and has no smell at all. I love the little cute cartoon piggy on the packaging but he is part of the reason I haven't used this. I know a lot of Asian beauty brands actually use real pig collagen in some of their products- supposedly it has great skin benefits. Because the ingredients are in Asian characters and I don't understand it on the package, I can't use it. Side note: When I was little, my friend had an adorable pet pig. Because of this I don't like eating pig products and the idea of using a product that potentially has pig in it- I just can't do it. Unless someone can confirm there are no little piggies in this moisturizer, this will be passed on to someone who will use it.

I love that this box contained two different kinds of masks as I am a face mask junkie!!!! 

Rappol Nutrious Bio Ampoule Mask
27ml * 3 sheet (Full size is 6 sheets for $36)
These sheet masks contain sweet and savory pomegrante and hibiscus flower extract. They help diminish fine lines and wrinkles and maximize brightness and evenness in the complexion for a youthful look all around. These sheet masks have a clean, fresh smell to them- I kind of was hoping they'd smell more fruity but that's okay. I used one so far, I should have taken a picture of it on my face. It left my skin with such a beautiful glow and my face felt extremely soft. Nice added hyrdration with this super dry, cold, Winter weather we have been getting lately. I didn't notice a big difference in fine lines or wrinkles, but I imagine that comes with continued use.

Lassie'el Kiwi Brightening Yogurt Massage Mask
12g * 4 for $6
This mask brightens and perfects your complexion with a sweet and refreshing kiwi and yogurt twist. Kiwi and yogurt are two very popular candy flavors in Korea. Also containing hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E it will brighten, correct, hydrate and firm saggy skin. I used one of these so far as well. The smell was similar to me of the above mask, and it has a thin yogurt consistency. Like the other mask, it also left my skin looking bright and feeling soft. I do have combination skin and think this would be even better for dry skin types.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick

2g for $5
I was so excited to get something from Etude after constantly reading about this brand on my friend Isabella's blog!!!  This is my other favorite product in the kit. There was a randomly selection between Seedless Strawberry Candy, Oh! Orange Candy and Sour Lemon Candy. I am soo excited I got the strawberry because it is such a gorgeous shade of bright, juicy pink- my favorite!!!!! This gloss/tint hybrid contains bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts to moisturize and plump up dry, chapped lips. I love the juicy pink color as previously mentioned and the candy cane packaging is adorable. The color lasts on my lips for quite a while, even while drinking from a water bottle. It has a nice amount of shine and leaves my lips feeling so smooth.

Left: No Flash. Right: Flash.

I don't think this specific configuration is still available but memebox also has an online shop, sometimes selling popular items from previous boxes and you can subscribe to their newsletter to be informed when new curated boxes are released!

disclaimer: products purchased with my own money. i receive no compensation for my reviews and all opinions are my own, honest thoughts.

<3 Diane


  1. I also got memebox for a while but stopped because the ingredients quality is terrible, and there were harmful ingredients in eyecreams :O but it's a cute box!

  2. I got this box too. I can't believe how yummy the makeup remover smells! I also got the strawberry lip tint and that smells deeelish! If only it tasted like strawberry....


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