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So this Winter has been so terrible as most of you in the United States probably know. I'm snowed in so rather than waste my time I decided to blog about some current favorite hair products!! I am a product junkie, there is no denying that. But I do have some favorites and holy grail products I can't be without. Though this isn't all of them, here is a little bit on some Holy Grail products I have been absolutely loving lately...

Tweak-d Restore Self Cleansing Hair Treatment
I did a first impressions here if you missed it. I am so crazy about this stuff! I ordered another one when they were presented on HSN with free shipping last week. It is unique in that you apply it to dry hair before getting in the shower and you don't necessarily need a different shampoo and/or conditioner after! Perfect if you are in a rush. I've been using it every time before getting into the shower, even if I use other products after it. I just how it makes my hair feel so soft and the smell is incredible! This is part of my "hair repair army" as I am affectionately calling all the products I am using to get my hair back into tip top shape. Right now I think the only place in the states you can find it is on HSN.

Kerastase Creme Chronologiste
A full review of this will come when I use it all up, but it is so potent that may take a little while. The price of it is a bit outrageous, but it has the largest amount of active ingredients in the highest concentration in one formula and a little goes a long way, so at least it lasts. Truthfully, I have barely been buying makeup and putting that money into quality hair products. The results are immediate- from my first use I saw shine and better manageability. I have been using this for over a month, one time a week while repairing my hair but feel pretty soon I will be able to switch to every other week. If you have problem hair, this may be your solution.

Olaplex No 3
I can't wait for my Olaplex experience article to go on, I will link it back when it does. I am not exaggerating when I say this stuff is life changing! I get the salon treatment done with my color and then use this once a week to help my hair's strength in between (not the same day as I use the above mentioned Kerastase) This has made my hair not feel like my hair, and I mean that in the best way. If you lighten your hair at all, Olaplex is a MUST. If you take my advice on only one thing ever, I want this to be it.

Kerastase Initialiste
This is a scalp serum I use after I shower. I apply it on the scalp and massage in. It is supposed to help with hair shine, strength, softness and substance. I believe, applying this topically plus taking Viviscal supplements internally, my hair is growing at a nice, healthy rate.

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique
This is a hair primer that helps fill in the gaps of the cuticles, strengthens and fortifies the hair fiber and treats weak hair. It works especially well with heat if you are diffusing in the winter. I apply this after my leave in conditioner (I have been rotating a few different ones) but before the rest of my styling products. I alternate this primer with the Living Proof Prime styler extender which is my other favorite primer.

Living Proof Restore Instant Repair Lotion
This has been a holy grail for years. I adore the whole Living Proof Restore line. They recently redid this formula and I almost freaked out because I loved the old one but i like the new one even better! I use this on wet hair always after my primer and will apply some to day 2 or 3 hair to get the benefits. Leaves hair soft, helps a bit with frizz and split ends. It won't heal split ends because there is no magic that can, but it helps the already split ends you have from getting worse. I also have been using the Living Proof Restore shampoo and masque in my rotation.

Living Proof Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse
I am also waiting for my full review of this line to go live on NaturallyCurly. I sent it in a few weeks ago so hopefully it will soon and once again, I will link back. I nearly cried tears of happiness when I saw Living Proof come out with a line for curls. The line is nice, but this is my favorite product from it. I never was able to use a mousse before and not need a gel for the additional hold. It works great on it's own or sometimes I do layer it under a gel for added curl definition.

Ouidad Tress Effects Styling Gel
An oldie but a goodie. I rediscovered this because I am trying to use up my product junkie stash. Ouidad makes such great hair products, I sometimes forget about them because of all the newness that comes around. This gel helps give great definition to my waves with shine and the perfect amount of hold that is not stiff or crunchy. Beneficial ingredients in this gel include amino acids, proteins, vitamin B5 and Clove Oil.  Totally off topic but Ouidad just redid their site and I really like all of the information their new site has now. Lots of helpful videos too- I apply all my products out of the shower using their Rake & Shake method and there are videos showing how. Other favorite gels include Devacurl ArcAngel, Original Moxie Hold Up (I need more of this!) and Jessicurl Spiralicious.

Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Leave-In Biotin Conditioner
You can read my whole detailed review on this new Carol's Daughter line HERE. The whole line is amazing, I am incorporating all of the products into my rotation. I still can't believe a line came out targeting hydration and hair growth- my two biggest concerns! I am literally reaching reaching for this leave-in spray every single day. It is my current favorite day 2 and day 3 hair refresher, leaving my hair so soft, shiny and just looking better, especially after I first wake up in the morning. Plus I massage some into my scalp too for hair growth. I also have been using the Ojon Revitalizing Mist and Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist sometimes as hair refreshers.

SheaMoisture Intense Hydration Complex Oil
This has been my go to oil for sealing my wet hair. It's so very moisturizing but doesn't weigh my hair down! It has African Rock Fig and Baobab Oil and a portion of the purchase (available at Target) goes to charity! You can also use it on your skin and cuticles.

SheaMoisture Thickening Growth Milk
Very recently, SheaMoisture did and renamed this line a little bit. I have not tried the new formula yet. This has been a go to milk for my second and third day hair after applying the Carol's Daughter leave-in. It keeps my hair soft and moisturized, which I especially need in this cold winter and I like that there is biotin inside to help my hair growth  and stay healthy. Another favorite day 2/day 3 cream for me is the Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave In Creme.

Well those are some current favorite hair products. I will try to do blog posts like this a little more often, especially since I am constantly playing with all different products!

<3 Diane

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  1. I share the love for almost all of them! But you need to try the elasticizer! It is a bomb <3 really nice written article!


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