Tweak-d Restore Self Cleansing Hair Treatment First Impressions

Hair product junkies of the world you are going to want to read this blog post! I am reviewing a product unlike any other I have tried before.This is my first impressions review of a product called Restore by Tweak-d. I plan on doing a more detailed review with continued use in a few weeks, but I really loved my first use and because they will be on HSN with presentations the next few days I wanted to tell you a bit about them now!

What is Tweak-d?
So here is how I learned about this product: I was flipping through the channels and saw a familiar face on HSN. If you are a long time QVC watcher you may remember Denis Simioni who used to present Ojon Hair products. Well, I saw him on HSN presenting something new and because of how awesome Ojon used to be when he presented it I had to stop and listen. He is nicknamed "The Indiana Jones of Hair Care" as he alwats finds new and innovative ingredients to help bring us our best locks. (side note: Ojon got sold, formula changed and the products were no longer the same)

So tweak-d is a brand new concept in hair care and something I never heard of before. They are "Self Cleansing Hair Treatments" known for "Beauty Redefined" What you do is you apply the cleansing treatment to your hair DRY before you get in the shower. The theory behind it is applying it to dry hair helps to optimize all the beneficial ingredients inside. It makes such sense!!!!

Right now, tweak-d has three different formulas and today I am talking about their newest one, RESTORE. This is for people who have dry, damaged hair that will help undo and prevent damage while replenishing, strenghtening and repairing. This intense treatment disciplines each hair strand while gently whisking away impurities and build up.

Here is what their website says about the RESTORE treatment:

Created Especially for Dry, Damaged, Frizzy, Weakened Hair. A 7 in 1 Multi-tasking treatment that helps to undo and prevent damage. Formulated with Dhatelo Oil from the Himalayas.

Who is it for? This item was especially created to replenish and strengthen dry, weakened, damaged, frizzy hair.

What is it? RESTORE Self Cleansing Hair Treatment was developed to offer consumers the opportunity to use it as an intensive hair treatment, shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner and shine enhancer all in one easy-to-use product. It's a multi-tasking, no fuss system that saves time, effort and money. Featuring and formulated with DHATELO Oil from the Himalayas.

What will it do? 

Our RESTORE Self Cleansing Hair Treatment is a super-hydrating recovery treatment that instantly restores strength, shine and bounce to dry, damaged, weakened hair. This seven-in-one multitasking formula provides maximum anti-breakage protection against chemical treatments and tools so that hair is not only repaired and replenished, but also thoroughly protected inside and out.

 The treatment is full of botanical extracts, blend of essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, lipids and naturally sourced cleanser. It it formulated with no sulfares, chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, mineral oil, PABA, BEA and Animal Ingredients.

Here is another exciting fact about the Tweak-d Restore Treatment:

What do I think???

I love the theory behind the product, it just makes so much sense.  to me.I have already been a fan of  co-washes and cleansing conditioners because of how dry my hair is and as I have mentioned in other blog posts lately, I have been suffering from some terrible breakage, dryness, frizz and unmanageability. The smell is pure heaven. It has a warm, vanilla musky scent very similar to some Ojon products I used to use.

The product feels like a nice, thick cream. It does not lather in your hair, which personally I am fine with. It is SUPER concentrated and a little goes a long way. I like that this is in a tub, it makes it easy to scoop out and use without having to fight with a bottle spout or pump, especially because of the thickness.

So I applied it on my dry hair before going into the shower. It says on the label to not leave this product in for more than 3 minutes so I left it in pretty close to 3 (I may have went over a couple minutes.) Once I got in the shower I rinsed the treatment out and already my hair felt better. My hands glided through my wet hair with ease- much more than I am used to! Then, the directions state once you rinse it out to reapply it on soaking wet hair and the scalp, adding a splash of water to help emulsify. So I did this, masaged my scalp and spent time massaging the product through the lengths of my hair. Did my other shower stuff (cleanse body, brush teeth, etc) and rinsed it out. Detangling was effortless and I just could not believe how smooth my hair felt.

Now this is where I owe you more reviews and better pics soon. Because of the time I did this treatment, it was 2 days prior to getting my hair cut and colored (blog on that soon) but due to this I did not style my hair as usual. I rinsed the treatment out of my hair, applies some leave in conditioner and no other styling product. I wasn't scrunching my hair to bring out the curls I was combing it so it would be ready for the color. But still, as my hair air dried it felt so very soft, shiny and smooth. My hair did not feel as straw like as it has felt lately thanks to this treatment. I am super impressed and excited to see what it does with using it more often and also combining it with the other tweak-d cleansing treatments. Here is an unfiltered, close up picture of my hair once it air dried:
I wish I took a before picture, because my hair looks so much better in the above picture then it did before.

You can click here to shop tweak-d on HSN and get more information on all three of the products.

I also encourage you to watch the awesome upcoming presentations on HSN:

picture borrowed from tweak-d facebook page
I look forward to using this product more and seeing what it does for my hair! If you have tried anything by tweak-d before, please let me know how you liked it!

disclaimer: product sent to me for review consideration. I receive no monetary compensation, nor am I obligated to do a review. All of my opinions are my own, honest thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane


  1. Hi, Diane! I had to wait for the Restore to be back in stock but now I have a tub :) I am using the recommended amount on my newly shoulder-length hair and still seem to be a little greasy. I want to keep using this for the benefit of my mid-shaft down (damaged badly). Did you find that you needed to reduce the amount you used to get clean hair that still looked good on day 2?

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