8 Things to Know Before Going Platinum or Light Blonde

Pic from July 2014. All my real hair.
See the pic to the left? (or the first pic if you are viewing on a mobile device) That was my hair at it's lightest and blondest. Super light and almost platinum. I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED the color but oh how it ultimately wrecked havoc on my hair, despite treating my hair better than a baby. I am still blonde (my "natural" hair color is Strawberry blonde but man I loathe those red tones in my hair)

Recently, platinum hair has been a big trend. Jared Leto and Kim Kardashian are the latest to join the light side. But really, ever since Elsa from Frozen came around more and more people have been wanting to have that beautiful ice queen hair for themselves.

If you are considering hopping on the platinum hue bandwagon, know what you are getting yourself into, first. As a wavy curly girl who had almost platinum blonde hair for over a year, although the color looks absolutely stunning, it is incredibly high maintenance--especially for curlies. 

recent pic from March 2015 with extensions
I have 8 pieces of advice for consideration if you want to give platinum hair a try. The absolute most important being don't even attempt it without Olaplex. Sadly, Olaplex came around a year late for me. I so wish it was there when I went super light! To read all my advice on going lighter, read my naturallycurly.com article by CLICKING HERE.

<3 Diane

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