Collective Haul & Mini Reviews: Hair Products!

I am a self proclaimed hair product junkie. That and I LOVE a good sale. Combine the two and it leads to some nice haulage. Hehehe. I've been trying to go through my stash and have been using stuff up and have been really good but then good sales happened kind of all at once and they don't last forever! I thought I'd share some hair products I picked up over the past month or so and if I used them yet I will do mini reviews and such. Most of them I paid for myself, if I didn't I will state it.

Check out my hair product haul after the break!

Original Moxie had a Spring sale for 20% off everything. This is a great, botanically based brand with products I enjoy. I ran out what I used by them months ago and wanted to replenish a couple things. The other cool thing about this brand is they sell mini sizes of products for $5 so if you want to try something new you can without splurging on full sizes. I took advantage of it with the sale. I actually just did a detailed product review for so be sure to check back on my blog, I will post it when it goes live.
The Oasis Gel is a treatment and styler in one. It doesn't provide me enough hold on it's own but under a different gel it adds extra shine and increased curl definition! It contains Sodium Lactate which is a natural humectant.
The Hold Up Defining Serum is HIGH UP on my Holy Grail List. This stuff is near perfect. Shine, definition, hold, anti-frizz action. It has a nice cucumber mint smell too. It is silicone free and also contains Quinoa protein to help strengthen the hair.
The Shape Shifter Reforming Creme and Hair Bling High Shine Pomade and new for me. I will do a detailed review when I become more familiar with them. 

They had a sale 20% off the site and $5 shipping! On top of it, one of my Holy Grail gels, Tress Effects by Ouidad was marked down from $26 to $12- and that's before the additional 20% was taken off!!! I am kicking myself for only buying 2, but I placed the Original Moxie order right before and still have other gels in the stash to use up, I had to show a little restraint.
 The Ouidad Tress Effects awesome because it really helps to bring out my curl definition, has excellent hold that is never stiff and makes my hair look shiny too. Plus, it is a nice foundation for excellent Day 2 and 3 hair.
The Oyin Whipped Pudding I had in late 2012/early 2013 and it hasn't been in my rotation for a while. Not sure why, I really enjoy the stuff so I bought one. My favorite thing about it is IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK! YUM!!!! But it is a natural, very rich and dense shea-based moisturizing cream. I use it in my hair and on my skin. I often use it as a hand lotion just to smell the chocolately goodness. My curls pop when I use this on wet hair under gel.

From Ebay & QVC
I love the Wen Replenishing Treatment Mists! I just did an in depth review of the Spring Honey Lilac scent and why I love these which you can read here. I had to get the new scent duo off QVC. I loved last year's seasonal scent, Spring Orange Blossom and kick myself for not hoarding more so I found the little 2oz on ebay for $12. The other two, Mandarin Italian Fig & Bamboo Green Tea are a new Rice based formula of this treatment I also found nicely priced on the bay. I will have a separate review of them soon but they smell incredible!! The Mandarin Italian Fig smells 1000x better than the other Wen Fig formula. This one actually smells like fresh figs. The Bamboo Green Tea has a nice, fresh-sweet smell I really enjoy too.

A few weeks ago, Carol's Daughter had a Today's Special on HSN. I am kicking myself for not getting it. But HSN also had "special feature prices" on a bunch of other CD stuff, and I am weak when watching presentations...and now we are here. First off, the whole Monoi Collection smells AMAZING- uplifting, sweet floralish. It's addictively good.
The Anti-Breakage Spray was on a special price for I think $7 or $8 less than usual. It is supposed to help stop hair breakage and features Monoi oil, Coconut Water and Wheat Protein.
The Repairing Flexible Hold Hair Spray was nearly $10 cheaper at the event price! I barely use hair spray but I *needed* this for the rare occasions I do. Man I'm weak watching home shopping channels with special pricing This hairspray features Monoi Oil, Vitamins E & Pro Vitamin B5.
I haven't tried either product yet so reviews in the future when I do.

From Sephora inside JCPenney
That HSN Today's Special from Carol's Daughter featured the Monoi Shampoo and Conditioner. Lisa (CD founder) was saying how using the shampoo and conditioner helps up to 96% with hair breakage and it can help your hair grow longer and stronger. The presentations on HSN and claims were amazing. Having suffered from severe breakage lately, I cave into anything that promises to stop breakage and grow longer hair. I also recently did an article all about Monoi for NaturallyCurly (read it here) and I've been a bit obsessed with the ingredient. Anyway, after not getting the Today's Special, in my back of my mind I told myself I wanted to try the Monoi line. I also have been having awesome results with Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Line (review here) which peaked more interest in this brand for me.
So I'm at the mall with my boyfriend and friend's and I ALWAYS go to Sephora in the JCPenney to see what's on clearance. Low and behold- trial sizes of the Monoi Set! Meant to be!? I buy one which was reduced to $18.99 from I think $27 and tried it the next day. Smells just as good as the stylers. My hair felt soft and shiny, in all fairness I did mix the conditioner with other stuff too. But I decided I had to go back to the mall and grab whatever was left a few days later- and they were further marked down to $14.99 each!! Aside from the shampoo and conditioner these sets also include the mask which I heard so much about. I haven't had a chance to try it yet though.
Full, detailed review when I use these products more.

This is over a month old at this point. Living Proof is one of my favorite hair product lines. When I saw they had a new product, Perfect Hair Day Nightcap, I ordered it immediately without even thinking. Rare occasion I did go and pay full price, but at least MrRebates had 10% cash back.
The Nightcap is an overnight hair treatment designed to leave your hair shinier, softer and more manageable with results lasting up to 5 shampoos. It is also supposed to be pillow safe. I used it a few times so far, about once a week. I like this treatment because I don't wash it out the very next day but it makes my next day hair look better. Extra shine, less frizz and more manageable- so the marketing is pretty accurate with that. I don't think the results last up to 5 shampoos, but my hair is a bit (lot) damaged now and this is a treatment, not a miracle. I also use quite a bit more than the 3 pumps they suggest to fully saturate all my hair with product. Still, I will keep it in my rotation and most likely buy again, when there is a sale.

 From Ouidad
*disclaimer: products sent to me from company
I really love Ouidad products. They perform so well. I was beyond excited when someone from the company reached out and offered to send me 3 products of my picking!! I have tried and liked tons of the Ouidad products before, so I decided to try new stuff I wasn't too familiar with. I have been really wanting to get my hands on the Curl Recovery line for a while. After all, my curls really are in need of some recovery!
Of everything here, I have used the Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner Styling Primer previously and it left my hair super soft, conditioned and with added definition. It plays nice with other products on top of it  It dispenses from the can like a thick, luscious whipped cream. You can use it as a rinse out conditioner or as a primer/leave in.
I am looking forward to trying the Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask because I am head-over-heels in love with the Original 12 Minute Deep Treatment. That's a product that I will ALWAYS have in stash no matter what because of the near-miraculous results (again, I can do a whole blog just on that one product), so I have high hopes for this one too.
The Curl Defining Styling Souffle is supposed to transform damaged & dehydrated curls into elongated healthy spirals. Reviews on these products coming in the future.

Confession: This order was actually twice the size but I cut it down and "went easy" because of all the haulage lately. So as you can tell from earlier, I've been on a Carol's Daughter kick. In the midst of my kick, their website decides to do a 40% off sale! Sadly, some products were excluded or this haul would have been bigger (actually I think that isn't a bad thing haha) but I still scored pretty good! This is actually a combination of hair and body products.
The Almond Cookie Frappe Body Lotion and Shea Souffle were in a combo set for $24 with a free gift- the Mirabelle Plum Oil!! The Almond Cookie scent is delicious- reminds me of cookies my relatives from Brooklyn used to bring to my house from the authentic Italian bakeries. Very warm and gourmand fragrance. I have not used them except the shea souffle on my hands so far, but it left them feeling super soft and moisturized.
The Mirabelle Plum Oil is great. I use it so many ways it warrants a seperate blog post. As mentioned earlier, I love this line because it targets my 2 biggest hair concerns: hydration and growth!I actually saw there is a new Mirabelle Plum Mask out now! I almost got it too, but it wasn't part of the sale and because of the amount of hair stuff I got time.
I got another bottle of the Mirabelle Plum Leave-In Conditioner. This was excluded from the sale (sad face) but it's Holy Grail status and I currently didn't have a back up at my house (because you know there's one at my boyfriend's house too). I think this is my 4th bottle since it came out the end of January. I use it every single day- wet hair, dry hair, any hair. I combine it with other sprays which you don't necessarily have to do but I love the ingredients, which include bioitin, that are helping to grow and keep my hair hydrated.
I did want to pick up more from the Monoi hair collection but I figured let me try out what I have first. However, the Repairing Transformative Bi-Phase Tonic was 40% off so I had to! Smells just as amazing as the hair stuff and is supposed to "give my best skin with a balanced glow, free of imperfections with anti-aging ingredients including Monoi Oil and Coconut Water. I haven't tried it yet, so stay tuned!
The Tui Color Care Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner was a free gift with purchase! And it's full size! YAY!!! I haven't tried the Tui line yet, but it is for colored hair. The spray features Aloe Leaf, Calunda and Pro-Vitamin B5. It has a unique fruit smell to it. I like the smell, but I like other CD scents (Monoi!) a bit better.
Actually out of all the Carol's Daughter products I ever tried the only scent I really didn't like was of the Hair Milk Line. That line smelled like burned plastic, which is sad because performance was excellent. Can we petition for them to re-scent that line to something delicious?

From Design Essentials Naturals
*disclaimer: products sent to me from company
I was super excited to try this line as it features my favorite oil of all time, Coconut Oil, as well as my recent new love, Monoi Oil. I have a full review of this line coming soon and I will post the link back when it is live. I am very mixed on my feelings for this line. I like the Coconut Water Refresher Spray, Deep Moisture Milk Souffle and Dry Oil Mist. Some products in this line I couldn't even accurately review due to the smell. There is an overall coconut fragrance to this line and I don't like that faux coconut smell. My nose is very sensitive, even though I love when things do smell good, but something in the perfume in certain products here give me a headache. Sad Face.

Wow this blog post turned out to be a lot longer than I realized. If you read this whole thing, thank you! Stay tuned for lots of product reviews in the future. :)

<3 Diane

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