How To Dry Your Hair With a Space Heater

I don't like diffusing my hair. Despite all of the attachments and different methods I have tried to "correctly" diffuse and blow dry my hair, it always turns out looking way more frizzy and having way too much volume then I want it to. My first drying choice is to air dry my hair, not only because it is healthier for my hair but I like how it looks better. However, sometimes time won't permit the hours upon hours it takes my hair to air dry.
With this past brutal winter we had, the last thing I wanted to do in the freezing cold was step outside with a wet head. So what's a curly girl to do? Figure out a different way to get hair drier, faster! Enter: The Space Heater Drying Technique.

There are two super important things to know about The Space Heater Drying Technique.

1. Yes, it will dry hair faster than air drying BUT it will dry hair slower than regular diffusing.
2. This is still considered drying hair "with heat" so it isn't completely damage-free. You want to use a heat protector on top of regular styling products. My favorite is the Living Proof Restore Spray.

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