Please Help Out a Fellow Curly Girl In Need

This is a very different topic blog post for me. The picture of the beautiful girl you see is my friend Devri. She is on the content & marketing team for

 Devri is an inspiration, she is strong and she is a fighter. She is currently battling an auto immune disease and the government is attempting to cut their assistance for her medical expenses because she tries hard to still work hard every day, live her life and not be a victim!!

Please check out her gofundme page here to read her story and if you can, consider sparing a few dollars to help her:

Also, be sure to please read her blog where you can learn a lot more about her autoimmune disease, Takayasu's Vasculitis. She also has fibromyalgia which is something myself and millions of other Americans suffer from.
Here is her blog:

Thanks so much.
<3 Diane

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