Wen Spring Honey Lilac Replenishing Treatment Mist

Even though my scalp does not like the cleansing conditioners (welp), I still enjoying using some of the other hair products from the Wen line. One of my favorite products from this brand are the multi-pupose "Replenishing Treatment Mists". I will get to how I like to use them in a bit.

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One thing Wen is known for on QVC are their "seasonal formulas". Every three months, the brand released a new scent that goes along with the current season. The past few years, there have been new scents each year. I always get anxious to hear what it will be in hopes I will enjoy the new scents. Out of all of the Seasonal scents, I really only disliked three of them but adored the rest. Spring scents are usually iffy for me- I don't overly love floral scents. The first Wen Spring seasonal, Spring Gardenia Green Tea I didn't like at all. The next one, Spring Orange Blosso
m, I am crazy about and wish I hoarded more of! It's so bright and juicy. This year, Wen released "Spring Honey Lilac" as the Seasonal until the end of May.

Spring Honey Lilac first debuted as a cleansing conditioner March 1st and I waited and waited until QVC decided to put the Replenishing Treatment Mist Duo on their site, which happened over 2 weeks later. This was good though, because I was able to get feedback from friends on the scent. My verdict? I do really like it!! As far as the Spring Seasonals, Orange Blossom is still number one for me but this is a close second. It is not heady or overwhelming. The lilac smell is very spot on. To me, the scent is a softer floral with a perfect touch of of powdery sweetness. It is a relaxing and enjoyable scent, one that I am happy to add in my replenishing treatment mist collection. I am liking this scent so much, I am eyeing up the oil too- but it's hard for me to justify that cost at this time because I am looking for full time work (again)

The label is also beautiful! I love the colors in the lilacs on the label- pinks, whites, purple- gorgeous! Chaz Dean, the creator of Wen, shoots all the label photopgraphs himself!

Notice I said I bought the duo from QVC? It just makes more sense. The official Wen website sells one of the 6oz mists for $40 and the duo on QVC is $44 plus tah & shipping. So for not much more, you get two.

On top of them smelling lovely, the Wen Replenishing Treatment Mists do so much for the hair and skin! I like to use them as a second or third day hair refresher- and I will spray them whenever my hair begins to look particularly dry & frizzy. They leave my hair soft, help revive limp waves and add incredible shine! Not to mention they also help repair the hair and keep it healthy. I also use them to sometimes set makeup or I will spray them on any part of my body to leave my skin feeling so soft and smelling amazing.

The Spring Honey Liliac Replenishing Treatment Mist features awesome ingredients including a four tea complex, Aloe Vera Juice, Superfruits including Acai and Goji berries, several Amino Acids and Honey.

Sadly at this time I think the duo is sold out on QVC but keep checking back because sometimes they restock!

disclaimer: products purchased with my own money. No monetary compensation received for review. All opinions and my own and honest thoughts.

<3 Diane

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