Why Your Hair is so FRIZZY & What You Can Do About It

Frizz. A five letter word that is evil for just about anyone who has hair. There are thousands upon thousands of serums and creams and oils and lotions available to try and help fix it. There are various methods of styling our hair to help temporarily mask it. Yet sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, frizz still happens to the best of us. "Frizz-free" is a curly's dream. There are three main causes for frizz according to TheBeautyBrains.com

Though frizz is natural and genetic, it still isn't sometime we want in our hair. Finding the right methods and anti-frizz styling products will help minimize the frizz in our hair and leave us looking as beautiful as possible.

to find out the three causes and continue reading my article about frizz on naturallycurly.com, CLICK HERE

my hair with zero product in it to fight frizz (pic from March 14)
the next day styled with anti frizz products (pic from March 14)

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