April 2015 Sephora VIB Rouge Sale Haul

It was that rare time of year Sephora had their 15% off sale for VIB Rouge members. I had to indulge a little bit, and I'd like to believe I didn't go completely overboard this time. Truthfully, there wasn't too much I *needed* and I also did an ULTA Prestige 20% off haul which I will post about soon. Why must they take place at the same time!? This was done in three orders so I got some extra samples! Have a look at what I bought after the break!

NuFace Gel Primer x2
I got my NuFace Device for Christmas 2013 and I use it faithfully a few times a week. I absolutely love it and really believe with consistent use it has helped to tone my face and help bring out my contours. You have to use the gel primer for the device to glide smoothy so I picked up 2 more tubes. Some use aloe gel and I have tried that as a cheaper replacement but for whatever reason the aloe on my face makes my eyes burn. So I stick to what is meant to be used with the NuFace.

 Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Nightcap
I still owe this a solo, detailed review. This is my second time buying this product and I still have a lot left from my first one, but I wanted another while it was on sale. I first mentioned this when I did a hair product haul you can read here.
I cut and copied this from the last blog because it's all still accurate: The Nightcap is an overnight hair treatment designed to leave your hair shinier, softer and more manageable with results lasting up to 5 shampoos. It is also supposed to be pillow safe. I used it a few times so far, about once a week. I like this treatment because I don't wash it out the very next day but it makes my next day hair look better. Extra shine, less frizz and more manageable- so the marketing is pretty accurate with that. I don't think the results last up to 5 shampoos, but my hair is a bit (lot) damaged now and this is a treatment, not a miracle. I also use quite a bit more than the 3 pumps they suggest to fully saturate all my hair with product.

Philosophy Love Sweet Love Perfume
I have been on a perfume kick lately. This is a scent I have been wanting for a really long time. I fear it might be getting discontinued because the only place I now see it for sale is at Sephora and it used to be available elsewhere. I have the other two perfumes from Philosophy Love: Falling In Love and Unconditional Love and they are some of my favorites. This scent is a yummy, sweet fruity that is not overbearing or too powerful.It features grapefruit, florals, mango, fruity notes and musk. I wanted to get the firming body emulsion too, but I just have too many body lotions at this point and must go through some of them first. The sweet words on the front of the box are lovely. I cut it out and taped it to my wall:

Besame Translucent Brightening Vanilla Powder
This was a random makeup purchase. Lately I have a thing for finishing powders. This is a loose powder and I wish it was pressed, but that's okay. I bought this for several reasons. My friend MusingsofaMuse was raving about it, they used this brand on the show Agent Carter (which I was obsessed with) and the packaging is just so super cute!!!!! It smells sooo incredible- exactly like vanilla bean ice cream. It is paraben free and is supposed to control redness and bring a subtle warmth to the complexion. Truthfully I haven't tried it out yet so I will do a detailed post about it in the future when I do.

Cover FX Custom Color Drops
This is a "Youtube make me buy it" purchase. I was watching one of my favorite makeup vloggers, GlamLifeGuru, did a video about this and she was raving at how good it was. It is a customizable product you can blend with any moisturizer, foundation, primer- anything to get the coverage you want from sheer to full. Or you can even use it alone with just a few drops. At first, I was going to return it because pre sale it was $44 and this bottle is SMALL- 0.5 flx oz but then I tried it! I haven't mixed it with anything yet but I used it on it's own and it leaves me with natural looking full, full coverage but feels light as anything on my skin. Incredible! I went with shade 125 which is perfect for me right now. It may be a little light in the summer. I also like the idea because this is my shade but almost a teeny drop too light so I will be mixing it in with foundations that are a bit dark so they can work for me again.

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipstick in Macaron
 I bought a set of the mini melted lipsticks around Christmas, then I picked up the full size of "Melted Marshmallow" with my Ulta haul. I decided I really wanted to try the new metal version of this lipstick and when I was "Macaron" was a bright pink shade it was meant to me. I LOVE Macarons and pink lipsticks!! The melted formula is great- it's extremely pigmented and very long wearing, even through eating and drinking. It isn't super moisturizing but it also is not drying. I love the color and the "metal" gives a pretty shiny finish to the lip.

That's it for my Sephora VIB Haul. I got samples too but didn't cash in my points because non of the point perks have really interested me. At this point I have accumulated so many points over a few years so I hope something good comes soon. I wish Sephora's reward program was like Ulta where we can exchange points for dollars off future purchases!

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane


  1. I have the coverFX foundation too! I like it a lot, but it has a natural dewy finish! Don't you like more matte foundations normally?

  2. that foundation does not have a dewy finish. it's not super matte like others I tried but I def do not consider it dewy.


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