Day 1 Hair of the Day from Saturday

Saturday was my wash day as you probably knew if you read my days 2-4 post here from last week. I tried out a new styling product for the first time that amazing me, as you can read below. It was such a gorgeous day outside which I took advantage of!

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Overnight the night before I pre pooed with a mix of scalp oils from Wild Growth & SheaMoisture. I massaged my scalp with them for a good 10 minutes thinking "grow hair, grow" because I REALLY miss my hair longer. I can't say it enough. =( Anyway, I used coconut oil throughout the lengths of my hair and let it all penetrate overnight. After a great Saturday morning work out it was time to get my wash day on.

I'm a bit annoyed at myself I forgot to use my Tweak-d Restore Self Cleansing Treatment prior to getting in the shower like I usually do. I need to put it somewhere more visible.


Shampoo: a mix of Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum and Monoi Shampoos. I can't get over how delicious the Monoi collection smells. I also applied the Ouidad Mediterranean Scalp Exfoliating Treatment to my scalp and massage. It's a bummer that product got discontinued (along with my beloved Ouidad biotin) and rinsed it all out. I always apply shampoos to scalp only.

Conditioner: I used the Ouidad Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask mixed with a little of the Olaplex No 3 treatment on my ends. This mask is so concentrated and a little goes a long way. This mask is supposed to warm up on contact but I don't feel it. Regardless, I still really like it. I will have a full review of the Ouidad Curl Recovery line soon :) I let it sit about a half hour (obviously I turned shower water off) and rinsed.

Styling Products: Now this..this blew my mind. Usually after the shower I need a minimum of no more than 4 styling products to tame my mane to get it to look decent. However, it was time for me to try the Ouidad Curl Defining Styling Souffle and the jar says it is moisturizing enough to where you don't need a leave in and it has enough hold so it can be used by itself. Challenge Accepted. This was the sole product I used after shower (actually I did use Kerastase Initialiste but on my scalp only!), applying it to soaking wet hair section by section using Ouidad's Rake & Shake Technique. Results? I'm pretty impressed. I want to use it a few more times to make sure it's consistent  but my waves were pretty nicely defined, shiny and I had minimum frizz. If I can honestly use this and this alone after showering with good results I will be hoarding for sure.

One thing I did notice was late that night the ends of my hair felt a bit dry. Not quite sure why that was. I was outside for a while enjoying the beautiful weather, that could be a factor. The following day (Day 2) I used the mix of Carol's Daughter leave-ins I've been using to refresh and SheaMoisture Strengthen & Grow Lotion all over and it still felt as bit more dry than it should have. I plan on experimenting with the Curl Souffle more and I do want to see what happens when I pair it with an oil to seal.

When my hair was air drying, I had the front in little clips you can see below to stretch out the curl pattern a bit to make it more even with the rest of my hair:

This picture of the back of my head I changed my shirt and realized I didn't take any back pictures so Tommie just snapped one for me real quick.

Also, check out how much more curly and nicer looking my hidden underneath hair is as opposed to the top. That's kind of frustrating.

I didn't take any day 2 pictures because I slept at my boyfriend's house with my hair in a satin bonnet but when I took it out and applied products the front of my hair was still not forming in a decently pretty wave so I had it clipped back and just out of my face. It's now day 3, I sprayed my hair with the Carol's Daughter Leave-In mix again and I still feel a bit of that dry feeling from Saturday night. I will be washing tomorrow to see what happens.

The shirt I have on is from Isaac Mizrahi Live! for QVC. 

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane

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