Days 2, 3 and 4 Hair from this week (Hair of the Day)

So I meant to do separate blogs as the week went along, but this week was pretty busy for me. I washed my hair on Tuesday with the Design Essentials Quinoa & Bamboo Repair (read that post here) So these are all continuing days from that wash.

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Day 2 (Wednesday)

Usually Day 2 is my favorite day in  my hair cycle and it still is. It's always a bit less poofy than Day 1/freshly washed hair. After refreshing, I managed to salvage my hair from sleeping and a work out. Sleeping with shorter hair really sucks. I definitely feel I have good wave definition that will only get better as my hair grows.

 Products Used:
  • Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo (scalp only!)
  • Carol's Daughter Leave In Conditioners Mix (let me know if I should do a detailed blog post on this)
  • CURLS Cashmere Jelly
I applied everything section by section raking them into my hair, one product as a time. Before these pictures were taken, a couple hours after using the above products I used the vial of Ojon Rare Therapy Oil I got in this month's Birchbox throughout my hair. I like the added shine it gave me, plus it smelled so good!
When I am busy or at the computer I usually clip the front of my hair back to keep it out of my face like the picture below. This also strecthes out my hairline curls which I don't mind too much since it makes them more even with the rest of my hair. The underneath portion of my hair always looks so much nicer than the top.

 Day 3 (Thursday)
I didn't realize I was going to do a multi-day hair of the day blog or I would have taken more and better pictures. Thursday was my boyfriend & my 5 year dating anniversary. :)
 Once again I had to refresh my hair from sleep and another workout. If I wanted my curls to be more springy, I could have used my Q-Redew but I liked the elongated wavy look since it made my hair look longer.
Products used:
  • Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo (scalp only!)
  • Carol's Daughter Leave In Conditioners Mix
  • SheaMoisture Zanzibar Complex Leave In Conditioner (this is more of a cream than a spray)
Products were applied the same way as Day 2.

 Day 4 (Friday)
Aaahhh Day 4 hair. It's so easy to do. This half up, half down style is currently my favorite way to wear my hair. At this time I think I like it more than when all my hair is down to be honest. The top part is clipped back.
 Products Used:
  • Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo (scalp only)
  • Carol's Daughter Leave In Conditioners Mix
  • SheaMoisture Strengthen & Grow (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) Edge Treatment- on some misbehaving frizzies around my hairline only.

 Day 4 at night I used a mix of some scalp oils and coconut oil through the length of my hair as a pre poo treatment since I washed today.

Worth noting:
I only use dry shampoo on my scalp on days I do more intense work outs. When I do Yoga 1-2x a week I don't use dry shampoo after since I don't necessarily need.

A few people have asked me if I am liking or am used to my shorter hair yet. No and no. I would give up my whole makeup collection and brace the world bare faced every day to get my hair to as long as it was like RIGHT NOW, but healthy. Seriously, this mane can't grow fast enough for me.

I decided to do a few days in one blog post here. Please let me know if I should separate different days into different posts.

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane


  1. I love your hair now! It is so beautiful and really suits your face! Amazing definition too! I totally have to try the curls cashemire jelly one day!

  2. Hey Sweetie (Betty Powell from utube) missing you, one day there one day gone. But I hope alls well. Your beautiful long hair or short. I love it cut. Its healthy shiny.soft curl. Its professional yet fun, sassy. Flirty. And fierce. You look beautiful. What sparked your choice to cut? I do hope all is well and I WISH YOU THE VERY VERY BEST that life has to offer. Your missed. Big hugs


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