Doll10 Beauty Color Correcting (CC) & Finishing Touch Powders Review

The other day I hit pan on my Doll10 CC Powder! Being that I actually hit pan on a powder (a rare occasion for me) I felt it warranted a review of this product and another great product by the brand. Doll10 Beauty (formerly Dalton Cosmetics) is one of my very favorite cosmetic brands, I really haven't tried a product by them I did not love.

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I have spoke about this brand when I had my youtube channel and also on my blog (read a review here) I plan on re-reviewing a lot of their products I previously had videos on because I still use and love a lot of the stuff! Here in the states, you can find them on QVC and

From their website: "Doll 10 is a chic cosmetic line focusing on hi-tech, anti-aging ingredients. Fall in love with our tips & tricks to keep you trendy & timeless at any age.  If you’re looking to erase the past, perfect the present & protect the future, Doll 10 has you covered.  We call it Timeless Beauty.  You call it confidence. Come super-charge your beauty routine with us."

As previous mentioned, I use and lot a lot of their products. I just ran out of the Aqua D'Pure Foundation which was beyond amazing and I am so bummed it was discontinued! I had their hydra drops foundation in the shade medium, it was equally fantastic but the shade was too dark. I passed that onto my aunt who now loves it and I need to re-order it in light sometime soon. I really wish they were on QVC more often and would do a TSV soon!!! I always love watching the creator, Doris Dalton, present because she is such a pleasure to watch- you can see her passion for her company and products come through in her presentations, and she is quite entertaining!
left: CC Powder. right: Finishing Touch Powder

Okay so back to the blog post topic- the finishing powders. I will be talking about two different powders: The Finishing Touch powder which you can get with the brush on QVC and also the CC Powder which is on their website.

What I love about both products is that is does not matter what brand's foundation I use them on top of, they mattify my skin, keep shine at bay for hours and do not settle in my fine line or wrinkles! They both give me such a flawless, airbrush finish without an airbrush machine.

Also with both products, I like to apply them with a wet beauty blender or with the new Doll10 Blending Brush.

pretty and simple packaging

The top of the packaging for both powders is identical. I love how it has a pretty and elegant retro look to it. There is a nice size mirror in both powders as well.

Doll10 CC/ Color Correcting Powder
What the site says: A multi-functional lightweight powder that works to correct your skin's imperfections, smooth its texture and even out its tone. Enhanced with lavender pigments to brighten, green to minimize redness and peach to add warmth; all the colours of this Doll 10 complexion correcting powder blend together to create a flawless look.

What I Say: My apologies I didn't take a picture of this compact before hitting pan! I believe I bought this back in November 2014 and it has been my go to finishing powder nearly every day since. I finally hit pan last week, which shows you how long the product lasts! I like that there are all different color pigments in here to help with all the different problems in my skin. As mentioned earlier, it plays well with so  many different foundations and CC creams and really brings my complexion to a whole new level! If you wanted to, you can also wear this on bare skin to even out your complexion. I have done this a few times when I had to run out of the house and just needed something super quick.

Doll10 Finishing Touch Powder
What the site says: The Finishing Touch to your makeup routine! Set and perfect your makeup with Doll 10 Finishing Touch Blending Powder for the look of a radiant, flawless finish. This complexion-perfecting powder contains soft-focus pigments to help blur the look of imperfections and smooth the appearance of your skin.Who is it for: Anyone looking for a flawless, finished look. The translucent, universal shade is formulated with antiaging ingredients and is perfect for all skin tones.Why is it different: The lightweight, micronized powder won't cake or lay in fine lines or wrinkles. The formula is infused with porcelain flower and antiaging ingredients.

What I Say: I was watching the presentation on QVC a few weeks ago and Ms. Dalton said this is her old Mirage Powder in a pressed form. I immediately ordered it after hearing that. I loved the Mirage powder but it was a loose powder and personal preference, I just like powders in compacts better- easy to travel with and less messy. Like the Mirage powder, this powder is especially handy if you tend to go heavy handed with blush or bronzer- it forgives your mistakes and blends effortlessly. Like the CC powder, it mattifies the skin for hours and leaves such a beautiful, matte finish. Though it looks pretty white in the compact, it really is translucent and photographs beautifully.

The major difference I notice between both powders is the CC powder has a touch of a peachy color to it and the Finishing Powder is truly colorless. I'm not sure which one I prefer over the other because I do enjoy both. I think if your skin is particularly dull you might like the Color Correcting Powder better because aside from giving an airbrush finish it also adds the brightness and warmth. I tried taking a picture swatching them, but you couldn't see the Fishing Powder at all on my hand! They both also feel like silk.

Doll10 Blending Brush
This brush comes with the Finishing Powder on QVC and the deal for both together is such a great value! This brush is super soft, does not shed and as the name suggests, really helps to blend the powder extremely well!

Because in almost every other recent blog post I did I had on the CC powder, here is me today wearing the Fishing Powder over other makeup:

disclaimer: products purchased by me. not monetary compensation received for my review. All opinions are my own and honest thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane

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