Hair of the Day 4/11/15 Clip in Extensions for a Wedding

I am still adjusting to the short hair. Truth be told, I miss my long mermaid locks like CRAZY and can't wait for my hair to grow, grow, grow! I still love the Ouidad cut, but I will love it more when I have the length I desire. Thank God for clip in extensions. It's funny, my boyfriend loves my hair shorter and didn't want me to even wear the extensions!

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I first mentioned my clip in extensions here and here. They are from LoxStudio off HSN and are amazing.

This past Saturday I went to a good friends wedding. The wedding was beautiful, they had a fresh mozzarella bar during the cocktail hour which will permanently put this wedding as the best wedding I've ever been to.  It was soo good!!! Anyway, I decided to wear my clip in extensions for 2 reasons: 1) I like how I look better with them and 2) A lot of my "real life" friends don't know about my hair situation yet, and I didn't feel like hearing "OMG YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?" at the wedding.

I thought I took more selfies and pictures than I did but here are a few. I started with Day 2 hair, Day 1 I used Ouidad products to style after shower. Day 2, like every day I started off by spraying my hair in sections with a mix of Carol's Daughter leave-in conditioners. For those keeping track, I now added the Monoi anti-breakage spray to the Mirabelle Plum & Black Vanilla Combo.

Now I won't lie- it was challenging getting my shorter hair sections to mend and become one with the extensions. It was frustrating. I used the VERB products styling creme and forming fiber to help with this situation. A full review of VERB products is coming soon, they make some excellent vegan hair care products. Tommie (boyfriend) has been using them too and his hair has been looking amazing. The forming fiber is a stand out because it has flexibility and allows you to rework styles. It is a fiber/paste that isn't super sticky. It did what it had to do for me.

 My real hair/top of head did look a bit more producty then I would have prefered it to, but at least it looked decent. Also, my bangs were curling very wonky and I has to bobby pin them down for a few hours before leaving to get them to look decent. I'm actually amazed I prevailed because overall my hair was not being kind to me that day.

Makeup wise I used the following. I used a bit more than usual to ensure my face didn't melt off all night, and it worked!
  • Benefit Porefessional & Stay Flawless primers (the combo is magic)
  • Doll10/Dalton Cosmetics Aqua D'Pure Foundation (why was this discontinued?!?)
  • It Cosmetics Undereye Corrector in light & Bye Bye undereye in neutral medium
  • Mally Perfect Prep Undereye Brightener
  • Tarte CC Eyeshadow Primer
  • TooFaced SugarPop Eyeshadow Palette
  •  Tarte Lash Primer & Benefit RollerLash Mascara
  • liner was a black it cosmetics shadow wet
  • It Cosmetics Vitality Blush in "Sweet Cheeks"
  • Too Faced Melted "Marshmallow" Long Wear Lipstick
  • It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil
  • Doll 10 CC Color Correcting Powder
  • Mally Poreless Face Defender
  • Urban Decay mix of All Nighter & Deslick Setting Sprays

Thanks for reading! Thanks for all the nice comments too on here and instagram, they truly mean a lot!

<3 Diane

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