Hair of the Day: Day 2- Half up and tendrils

So sorry I haven't been posting as many hair of the day pictures. Truth be told, I've been a funk all week and REALLY missing my super long hair. ;( I just wish it would grow! I actully had plans to use my clip in extensions today but because of really bad neck pain I just wasn't up to dealing with it.Anyway, let's check out these hair of the day pics after the break!

So this is Day 2 hair. I forgot to take pictures on Day 1 yesterday because I was busy and the day flew by.

Here are the products I used to cleanser, condition and post shower yesterday:
  • Tweak-d Restore Treatment on dry hair before shower for 5 minutes
  • Shampoo: Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Co-Wash
  • Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Scalp Exfoliator
  • Conditioner: Ouidad Melt Down Extreme Masque
  • Stylers: Kerastase Initialiste (scalp only) mix of 3 SheaMoisture conditioners as a leave in, Devacurl B'Leave In & Arcangel, SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Maruka Oil Blend (applied in the Rake & Shake Method)

My hair still feels super soft from the combination. It was a bit poofier than I would have liked yesterday. I used the Devacurl B'Leave In and Arcangel to use them up as I am trying to work through my stash. They most likely will not be repurchases for the time being- there are so many other gels I just like better.

So today for Day 2 here is what I used first:
  • VERB Dry Shampoo(scalp only)
  • VERB Leave In Mist
  • CURLS Cashmere Jelly
....I applied them section by section again and just let my hair hang out a few hours.

I wasn't fond of how my hair looked down so I threw it up in my favorite go to half up, half down style.

I used some VERB Ghost Oil throughout to add extra shine and softness and then the SheaMoisture Strengthen & Grow Edge Treatment to keep some frizzies on my hair line down.

By the way, if you missed my post with a special guest reviewer about some VERB products, check it here. I actually could have used the forming fiber the same way I used toe SheaMoisure edge treatment for frizzies but I did my hair at home and it's at Tommie's house! I will have another review coming this week of the VERB dry shampoo, leave in mist & ghost oil I mentioned today!

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane


  1. The hairstyle is really cute!!! And you have ZERO frizz!! Amazing!
    What is your favorite gel at the moment?

    1. thanks..ouidad tress fx & original moxie hold up & oasis


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