It Cosmetics CC+ Cream Bronzer Review

A couple of years ago, I went to an It Cosmetics event at Ulta (side note: if you ever have the chance to go to one of these, totally go because they are so fun!) I remember talking to the It staff and casually mention how great a cream bronzer would be from them! Flash forward to now and it looks like my product wish came true! Exclusively at Ulta, It Cosmetics released the limited edition CC+ Your Skin But Butter Bronzer! It is a color correcting bronzer full coverage cream and anti-aging hydrating serum with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum sunscreen. As a girl on the naturally pale side who won't go in the sun without SPF, I couldn't wait to try this out.

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Here is what says about it:
"IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Bronzing Cream is an all in one multi-taking beauty miracle that thru gives full, flawless, perfect bronzing coverage, protects the skin with SPF 50+ from the harmful rays of the sun and is clinically proven to improve skin texture and hydration. It is packed with anti-aging ingredients, a Broad Spectrum Physical Only SPF 50+, infused with peptides, niacin, vitamins A, C, B, E, hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed collagen."

If you are already are a fan of the It Cosmetics CC+ cream, it is very similar in the tube, ingredients and texture. The difference being instead of picking your skin's shade there is one universal shade called "bronze glow" which adds a very natural bit of warmth to your skin. Personally, I always liked cream bronzers over powdered bronzers and the It Cosmetics CC+ cream is a holy grail product for me so I had a great feeling about this gem going in.

The color is buildable, one pump is more sheer and the more pumps you use the darker it will be. Here is one pump swatched on my hand. I didn't blend it out so you can see the color but if I were to blend it, it would become more sheer:
Side note: it is the most incredibly annoying overcast day and I had trouble finding consistent natural lighting for the below pictures. But I wanted to do this blog sooner rather than later since Ulta has their sale on prestige going on right now. ;)

This product has some buildable coverage as previous mentioned, but it doesn't conceal for me like the regular CC cream does. While I love the color, it also produces a finish that is too dewy for me personally without setting with power- but that's nothing Bye Bye Pores can't handle so no biggie!

Here I am with just eye makeup on and nothing on my skin besides some eye primer on my dark circles:

Here I am with only the It Cosmetics CC+ Bronzer on my skin:

The mascara I have on is the It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Extensions Mascara.

I used 2 pumps and blended really well. With this bronze CC+ cream, it is important to blend, blend, blend so it doesn't look orange. Once blended I think it provides a nice, natural looking bronze.

I used the It Cosmetics Airbrush OMG! Foundation Brush #106 also from Ulta to apply my bronzer. It helped to distribute the product nice and evenly and assist with the blending. The bronzer definitely needs to be blended more than the regular CC+ cream. You can also use your fingers.

The picture below also gives you an idea of how the cream looks before blending out:

I actually find multiple uses of this bronze CC cream:
  • Worn alone for SPF and adding a pretty bronze to the skin. This will be perfect at the beach when minimal makeup is desired.
  • Worn as a layer under or over foundation and concealer to still have some warmth but also added coverage if needed.
  • my favorite way- I usually like to blend one pump of this with 2 pumps of the regular CC+ cream. This adds a bit of warmth to the great coverage properties of the regular CC+ cream. Plus I feel I don't have an extra layer of makeup on.
With a product like this, it is best to experiment, have trial and error and also enjoy playing around to find which way you like applying it the best.

disclaimer: product sent to  me for review consideration. no monetary compensation was received. all views and thoughts are my own honest opinions, as always

<3 Diane

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