Philosophy Sunshine Grace Summer Fragrance Trio

I have been on a slight Philosophy fragrance kick lately. I purchased the Love Sweet Love perfume in my last Sephora Haul and then I was watching QVC and saw a kit with an incredible value of the "Sunshine Grace" fragrance products I could not pass up. Read on for details.

QVC had Super Size of your choice of Summer fragrances: You got to pick between Summer Grace, Falling in Love Summer, Sea of Love or Sunshine Grace.  The trio includes 32-fl oz super-sized olive oil scrub, 32-fl oz super-sized firming body emulsion, and 4-fl oz super-sized edt spray fragrance. It was also on Easy Pay which sealed the deal for me.

I usually like Philosophy's "Love" fragrances (falling in love, unconditional love, love sweet love) a lot more than their "Grace" fragrances, but that isn't to say I don't like the Grace fragrances, because I do. What's more is I am so scent picky, for me to go ahead and order a fragrance off the TV without ever smelling it is just plain crazy. I wanted to smell it in person first but I think it is a QVC exclusive so I figured at worst I can return it.

Regarding the other options in this scent, I had Summer Grace in the past and I liked but did not love that one. Falling in Love Summer sounds tempting, but I am picky with Jasmine so I didn't want to risk it. Sea of Love has adorable packaging but I smelled it in Sephora and it just wasn't my type of fragrance. I liked it, but wasn't super crazy about it.

So what made me go ahead and order? A few things. For starters, I do like almost every Philosophy fragrance I sniffed, with the exception of "Live Joyously" Sorry not sorry but that scent and my nose does not a nice pair make. But when the Philosophy lady (I forgot her name! aaahh!!!) on QVC was presenting the choices, the notes in Sunshine Grace just sounded like something I would adore.

Per The Note's of Sunshine Grace include "warm, fresh floral scents with notes of sparkling freesia, orange blossom, and sunny musk."

The Orange Blossom is what sold me. I have been on a HUGE Orange Blossom kick lately. Obsessed with Jo Malone's Orange Blossom and the Wen Spring Orange Blossom Replenishing Treatment Mist. I also tend to like fragrances with musk in them as well so I was on a safe bet here.

Though I do smell the Orange Blossom in this fragrance, it isn't super strong. Nonetheless, I do enjoy Sunshine Grace! To me, it smells like Baby Grace, which ironically enough is my favorite scent from the Grace family, except it is a little bit warmer in scent. I think the scent is light, refreshing with a hint of citrus and perfect for summer. I also love the Beach umbrella and scene on the packaging.

The fragrance, though not super strong tends to last on me all day, especially when I layer it over the scrub and firming body emulsion.

The Olive Oil Scrub is described on as a gentle exfoliator. I have used it a few times and agree completely. It leaves my skin feeling clean and very soft. I think it may be safe to use this daily, but I have only been using it a couple of times a week in fear of over exfoliating.

The Firming Body Emulsion is a lightweight body lotion that is also supposed to help firm your skin. I'm all about that! My skin absorbs it instantly and it is not sticky, heavy or greasy. I think I will especially appreciate the lightness of this lotion when Summer is [finally] here and I don't want to slather a super rich cream on because it is so humid out.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. If you are interested in the kit, as of the time of writing this blog it is still available on qvc as item A256606.

disclaimer: products bought with my own money. no monetary compensation received for my reviews. all opinions are my own and honest thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane

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