Photoshoot & Hair of the Day 4/12/15: Half Up on the Beach

As I mentioned in the previous blog, this weekend was busy! Tommie and I went to Atlantic City overnight Sunday to Monday to celebrate 5 years of dating. Our actually day is Thursday the 16th. The weather was perfect. High 60s and Spring. Not a cloud in the sky! The sunshine felt sooo good! Of course my boyfriend being the amazing man he is agreed to snap a bunch of pictures of me posing and such on the beach. I like pretending I'm a model. ha!

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This was Day 3 Hair. I was way too tired from the wedding the day before to be bothered washing my hair again. My hair had a bunch of product in it (read last post here) so wearing it down wasn't an option. I decided to find inspiration from when Jason at Ouidad did my hair, putting some of it back but leaving a few curly tendrils in the front.
 Who wears all black and a leather jacket on the beach!? I rushed to pack and *clearly* didn't think my wardrobe options through. I like my outfit, but for the beach. Silly, silly girl. That jacket I had since Sophomore year of high school- it's 13 years old! =)
Like every day, I started off spraying my hair with the Carol's Daughter leave-in conditioners mix. I then pulled some of it back and pulled some of the face framing curls out. To keep my hair secure I tied it back with a ponytail holder. I used more of the VERB fiber paste to keep the frizzies at bay and also to rework my curly tendrils a bit because they were drooping. It did the job and my hair looked decent all day long, even with some wind.
 You can see in the shots of the back some of the bleach damage I still have on the ends. Especially in the little half pony tail. Very dry and frizzy still but it will grow out.

 Truthfully, at the beach and posing I missed my beautiful long, blonde mermaid hair more than ever. There's something about long mermaid hair and the beach together I love. It made me sad for a while, I won't lie. See my blogs from our trip last year here and here when I didn't even realize just how amazing my hair was =(

The following 2 pictures Tommie told me to "smolder" and try to do a sexy look. LOL! I am so bad at it:

 I do really like this hairstyle and it will probably be an easy go to when my hair doesn't look good down. Or if I am in a rush because really, it was super easy to do.
 The shirt is from JCPenny. I got it on sale for $10 and the pants are the black Pajama Jeans. I LIVE in Pajama Jeans- super comfy and feel like sweat pants. I love the creator!

At the end of the day I did decide last minute to wash my hair. I decided this for several reasons. I don't like washing my hair 2 days in a row and knew I would do a real wash Tuesday (today) so I didn't want to wash it Monday. But with all the products and now also outdoor elements in my hair, it felt a bit gross and I just wanted it fresh. When we got back to our hotel I decided I was going to wash it but I had no proper products with me! What's a girl to do?

 I used the conditioner Tommie brought- which is the BigSexyHair Conditioner. It smelled good but it so not for my hair type. I co-washed with it, really massaging my scalp to get it clean. To my delight it had great slip and I detangled very quick. Once rinsed, I squeezed the excess water out of my hair and used some napkins to dry it a bit more. I had Josie Maran Whipped Argan Body Cream with me and decided since it is mainly made of of pure Argan oil, I'd throw some of that in my hair. So I did and then went to bed. I wasn't expecting miracles the next morning and the shape of my hair was not pretty. Tommie laughed at me. So the following day I just put it half back again. It was insanely soft and felt slick, and had some nice shine to it though. But that is why there is only one day of pictures from Atlantic City and not 2.

So we will see how washing and styling my hair shorter continues to go. I still can't wait for it to be long again. I must sound like a broken record but SAY NO TO BLEACH!!!

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane

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