Second Day Hair Post Cut Pics plus Shorter Hair Troubles

I can't believe how my curls and waves are already coming back to life after my cut yesterday. If you missed that post, you can check it here- and don't worry, my full Ouidad Salon experience post is coming soon, I promise!

As I said, I will be taking lots more pictures again since I don't feel completely terrible about my hair now. Check my hair of the day pictures after the break!

 First, here are 2 pictures I quickly snapped last night when I had to undo the cute styling Jason did for me. Forgive my lack of makeup and overly shiny skin that is a result of the Argan & Maracuja Oils Combo I use every night:

I love how soft, shiny and bouncy my hair looks. The little bang curly bang things in the front I surprisingly really like, even if at times they do start to feel annoying.

Shorter after those pictures I went to bed. Having no clue how to sleep with shorter hair I kid you not when I say looking in the mirror this morning was nothing less than horrifying. Despite sleeping on a satin pillowcase, my morning bedhead was disaster. I can't wait to pineapple again.

Just stating the obvious, all the pictures below are after I finished styling for the day- I just wanted to break up all the writing. ;)

I worked out today and another new frustration I came across is not all the short pieces fit in my ponytail holder so to work out without my hair on my face I needed a ponytail holder, a headband AND a clip! The clip kept getting in the way when I went on the floor to do chest presses and ab work. It's not the end of the world though, I'll get used to it and my hair will grow.

Okay so after my workout I showered (obviously) then it came to attempting to resurrect yesterday's greatness.

I first used the Alterna Caviar Dry Shampoo on my scalp. I like this dry shampoo a lot because it has a spout nozzle instead of a spray. I massaged it in (aahhhh).

Then, section by section I used a combination of Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum & Black Vanilla leave in conditioner sprays to help bring my hair back to life. I like combining products- the Mirabelle Plum line from Carol's Daughter is Holy Grail for me.

took this myself, thanks blue tooth picture button!
On top of the sprays I used the Alterna Caviar Protein Cream. Truth be told I don't love this cream but I bought it and I am trying to use it up. It says it helps give damage free hair which I now know is a lie because I originally bought it when I noticed my hair breaking and it did nothing to help stop it. =( I also have been using the Lengthening Elixir from the same line and am equally unimpressed but will use it up and then not repurchase.

I topped them off using the Raw Curls Serum since it has nice ingredients like Broccoli Seed Oil in it which is amazing for the hair. It isn't the best smelling stuff in the world but it is organic and natural. Nora (Shalimarcat) reminded me I had this when I watched her video reviewing some Raw Curls products. Product Junkie much, Diane?

I also was able to snap a picture of the back of my head! My amazing boyfriend bought me a blue tooth picture taking button for my phone and it's the coolest thing EVER. You can kind of see the shorter broken pieces that still need to grow out if you look hard enough:

Something weird about my hair, besides everything, is that the longer it grows, the curlier it gets! So between the shorter length now and the fact I still have some bleach damage growing out, that's why the back of my hair is more wavy than curly. The front of my hair and hairline are also curlier than the back too.

If you have shorter curly and/or wavy hair similar to mine please leave me whatever advice you have in the comments? Please be nice or I delete the comments.

[i can't wait for my hair to regrow long]
Thanks for reading.

<3 Diane

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