Third Day Hair Post Cut Pics!

Day 3 into my hair style with my new cut. Thank you SO MUCH again for everyone being super nice with all of your comments because I am still quite insecure about my hair being this short. (grow hair, grow!) I snapped a few Day 3 pictures because tomorrow will be a wash day. Oh how I am hoping I can recreate even half of how awesome Jason styled my hair at the salon.

If you missed my first blog about my hair cut at the Ouidad flagship salon on Tuesday, you can check it out here.

Day 2 Pictures are here.

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Like yesterday morning, waking up was quite disastrous. I didn't work out today because I am fighting some kind of cold and have a lot going on this weekend so I've been drinking a concoction of fresh squeezed grapefruit, orange, kiwi & pineapple juice all day to fight it. I tell you that because it means I didn't have to worry about post work out hair. ;) Don't mind the super cozy PINK hoodie, I was abnormally cold today.

So to style, I didn't use dry shampoo because I find I only need it on work out days. Like yesterday, I used a combination of the Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum & Black Vanilla leave-in conditioner sprays, raking them in section by section. Then over the sections I used the Nubian Heritage Strengthen & Grow Custard for some nourishment and to tame my mane down. I did scrunch a but to encourage the curl, Jason told me not to scrunch hair when it's wet, I forgot if it also applied to it being dry I have to find out.
My hair was quite large again this morning. I only use this Nubian Heritage product on the day before I plan to wash because it is quite heavy and extremely moisturizing and by tomorrow it would look greasy. This product has some amazing ingredients to help grow longer hair such as garlic extract, bamboo, hemp and Tamanu. I used to also use this product when my hair was in a ponytail to condition and moisturize it. Right now the ponytail I made is a pathetic nub. Anyway, I feel like it did a great job defining my waves. I know I said this before but this cut is helping bring my damaged curly waves back to life!
Also off topic, I am wearing a sample I received of the Bare Minerals bareSkin foundation. It is so lightweight and buildable! I am really enjoying it. I also have on the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer and then the Too Faced Chocolate Powder Foundation in Golden Light on top. I applied it all using wet beauty blender and I know I've mentioned this before but once I learned how to use a beauty blender properly it was practically life changing!

Thanks for reading!
<3 Diane

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  1. This might be a sily question but why are you not meant to scrunch when your hair is wet?


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