VERB Hair Products Review #2: Dry Shampoo, Leave In, Styling Cream & Ghost Oil

A little while ago I posted a blog review of some products by Verb: The Shampoo, Conditioner, Volume Spray, Forming Fiber & Finishing Polish from Ricky's NYC! The products were reviewed by my boyfriend, Tommie, as well as my own input on the stylers. If you missed that post, you can view it here. As I mentioned in that post, I am back to give my thoughts on more Verb products. This line is seriously impressive! 

Pre review summary: I really like Verb because they make excellent styling products with hair healthy and beneficial ingredients in all of them! Check out what I think after the break...
Truth be told, I still haven't tried the Shampoo and Conditioner. A certain boy won't give them back to me now that he really likes them!!! I decided I will just have to plan a hair wash day at his house soon to try them out. Verb products are always affordable at $14 each so I will buy my own if I fall as in love with them as he is. I usually don't wash my hair at his house because any curly, wavy lady will tell you- wash day is a pain!
Okay back to the review. These products pretty much blew me away. Upon reading more about the brand, I was delighted to learn ALL of their products have UV protection in them! How great is that for Summer and in the sun?!? I think the styling cream will live in my beach bag for when I come out of the ocean so my hair doesn't expand too much. ha.

All of the products also have the same nice, light, fresh with a tad of sweet fragrance to them.  
Dry Shampoo
What The Brand Says: Verb Dry Shampoo refreshes hair, removes oil, boosts body and prevents damage from washing and styling. This non-whitening formula instantly absorbs impurities and re-energizes your look. Tapioca starch absorbs oils and impurities. Glycerin naturally binds moisture to hair for added softness. Super fruit antioxidant complex quenches free-radicals

What I Say: Hello, my new favorite dry shampoo! This stuff is FANTASTIC. I love the bottle and the little spout applicator. I find it so much easier to apply dry shampoo like this instead of a spray. Because I only wash my hair 2x a week usually but work out every day, I like dry shampoos to use to refresh my hair between washing. This does the job. It left my scalp feeling refreshed like any dry shampoo but IT ALSO LEFT MY HAIR FEELING SOFTER!! What!? I can't recall another dry shampoo that left my hair (my roots mainly because I didn't use it on my length) feeling softer after use. So awesome. 

Leave-In Mist
What the Brand Says: Verb Leave-In Mist is the essential step between washing and styling and is a must have for kids with truly unruly hair. This formula: moisturizes, detangles, nourishes, smoothes, tames frizz, repairs ends, adds shine, prevents breakage, enhances elasticity, protects from heat, preps for styling. Moringa seed oil moisturizes, detangles and smoothes hair. Hydrolyzed vegetable keratin protein keeps hair strong and pliable.
Bamboo and green tea extracts repair ends. Argan Oil penetrates the pores of the hair follicle and enhances the elasticity of the hair while adding shine. Antioxidant properties helps improve hair strength, minimize fly-aways and frizziness.

What I Say: I like this product a lot too! I didn't use it as directed between wash and style because I prefer a thicker conditioner as a leave in but I have been using this as my second or third day refresher spray and I'm crazy about it. It sprays a thin cream as opposed to a fine mist. Sometimes I apply it in my hand and distribute. More than anything else, it left my hair soft soft SOFT! Seriously, so soft and silky. I couldn't believe it. Lately, randomly the ends of my hair have felt dry and odd and I couldn't pinpoint why but when I used this, it made that weird feeling COMPLETELY VANISH. I also enjoyed the shine it gave to my hair, something I don't see all too often from a lot of spray leave ins. There are such great beneficial ingredients in here- I want to highlight the Bamboo because I have started drinking Bamboo Leaf Tea internally when I read about the hair benefits so I like that it's in a hair product too. I'll do a separate blog post on that. I like the idea that is also helps to prevent breakage and enhance elasticity because my hair needs work in both those areas. As of right now, this is #1 on my rebuy from Verb list. I may put a little in a smaller bottle for Tommie to try because I know if I bring him the regular bottle to test it may not be returned.

Ghost Oil
What The Brand Says: Verb Ghost Oil™ is a vanishing daily restorative that revitalizes hair from roots to ends. This integrated moringa oil blend enriches the hair shaft with essential nutrients that naturally smooth frizz and promote radiant shine for all hair types. Vitamin F rejuvenates and strengthens for smooth, healthy hair. Hydrolyzed soy protein locks in moisture. Bamboo extract strengthens the hair follicle and retains moisture. Moringa seed oil moisturizes, detangles and smoothes hair.

What I Say: A nice oil. The package says it is lightweight and it is. It was a bit too lightweight for me personally to seal my wet hair with. However, I did use this a couple days over the leave in for days 2 or 3 hair and I also even used it later on on day 1 hair too and was super pleased with the results. I like that this oil is clear- that is especially important for lighter hair colors so the hair does not get darker or become brassy. My hair felt softer after, that also could have been from the leave in but this took my shine factor up a whole notch! Aside from shine, it helped tame from pesky frizzy and fuzzy ends. It absorbs into my hair super fast. I needed a good amount for my hair, but remember my hair is overly porous and damage so most people will need a lot less than I do. I like the beneficial ingredients in here too. Like the leave-in, this product contains the Bamboo.

Styling Cream
What the Brand Says: Verb Styling Cream smoothes and refines hair, tames frizz and provides subtle hold. The lightweight formula protects from heat, leaving hair with a soft, satin finish. Sunflower seed extract provides natural UV protection while guarding against dryness, color fading and brassiness. Green tea extract provides antioxidant protection. Bamboo extract repairs ends. Argan Oil penetrates the pores of the hair follicle and enhances the elasticity of the hair while adding shine. Antioxidant properties helps improve hair strength, minimize fly-aways and frizziness. Abyssinian seed oil produces a natural radiant luster to hair, protecting it from damage while helping to detangle the hair and lock in essential moisture. Jojoba seed oil creates a protective film over the hair shaft sealing in moisture for dry, damaged hair and split ends. ,

What I Say: I love all the goodness inside this product! So many wonderful extracts again. Because it says only subtle hold, I didn't try it on wet hair because when styling wet hair I like my products to be strong. I may decide to try it on wet hair in the future and if I do, I will let you know. I used it on day 2 and 3 day hair a couple different times over the leave in because my hair is so dry and soaks up the products. The first time I used this on day 2 hair, as it was drying my hair was feeling a little stiff and I got concerned but once it was all dry and I ran my fingers over it, scrunching a little that stiffness feeling was completely gone. I like that using this on day 2 or 3 hair helps significantly with frizz that popped up and also helped de-poof my hair. I also mixed a little of this in with the ghost oil in my hand and applied them together to try and that took the shine up a whole 'nother notch. Because my ends still have bleach they get fuzzier than the rest of my hair, this seemed to target and help that issue as well. This is another stellar product from Verb.

Here are some pics of me with the products. This is Day 2 hair. I used the dry shampoo (scalp only), leave in mist and a cocktail of the styling cream with a little ghost oil throughout my hair. I applied each section by section. I wish I can let you touch my hair through the pictures so you can actually feel how soft & silky it is! What is even more crazy impressive is because my hair is so soft I kinda keep touching it- this usually results in massive frizz but the frizz is not popping up! Yay!!

I find myself sometimes wishing the forming fiber that is at Tommie's house is here because I would use it so much. Once I use up the current edge tamers in my stash I am buying a second one for my house. It's THAT good. 

I  saw recently Verb released a Curl Cream!!! I REALLY want to get my curly wavy hands on this product because of how nice the rest of the line has been. 

I also love and appreciate Ricky's NYC reposted my last VERB post on their blog. I thought the headline was adorable:
Check out the Ricky's NYC blog here

By the way, if you are addicted to instagram like I am, you should totally follow the awesome @Zach_Garfinkel from Ricky's NYC  for the latest in beauty trends and great posts!

disclaimer: products sent for review consideration. no monetary compensation was received for the review and all opinions are our own and honest thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane

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