VERB Hair Products Review #1: from my boyfriend & I

A few weeks ago I received an awesome bag of VERB hair products! You can find these products at Ricky’s NYC in store and online, one of my favorite places to shop for beauty! I was super excited to try this line, they products sound incredible. They are salon quality products at an affordable price point! ($14 each) I will have my own review of all these products soon, but in the meantime my boyfriend, Tommie, has been using some of them a few weeks on his amazing hair. So this blog post will be Tommie’s review (that I helped word better for the blog! LOL) on some VERB products along with my input on the products I tried so far. What is interesting is that these products are meant to work on all different types of hair and Tommie’s hair is more fine, straight and gets greasy plus gets weighed down really easy. He also looks to add volume and body to his hair so it’s pretty much opposite of mine.

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About the brand from
"Verb is a family of smart, professional-grade hair care products priced within reach of every salon customer. Our salon-quality hair products are color-safe, free of harmful sulfates, parabens and gluten and are made in the U.S.A. without animal testing. Nothing bad, lots of good."

Hydrating Shampoo
What the Brand Says: This gentle cleanse formula replenishes moisture, preserves color and protects against heat styling leaving hair soft, smooth and tangle-free. Our shampoo is free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, and is vegan friendly. Quinoa protein penetrates hair to nourish, repair damage and protect against environmental exposure.

What Tommie Says: It cleanses his hair without stripping it completely and that it protects his hair from his blow dryer. It didn’t burn when it got in his eyes. When I asked him if he thought the shampoo helps keep his hair smooth, he said yes. He also didn’t realize a sulfate free shampoo can do a good job at cleansing (despite my constantly trying to tell him)

What the Brand Says: Verb Hydrating Conditioner repairs damage for touchably soft hair. Formulated to wash away clean while providing intense moisture and natural shine.

What Tommie Says: His hair still had body after conditioning and it didn’t feel overly greasy. It also helped to make sure his hair didn’t feel dry. It conditioned his hair and didn’t weigh it down. Above anything else he said it made his hair a little more shiny and it also helped with frizz.

Volume Spray
What the brand Says: Verb Volume Spray amplifies fine hair for a full, flexible finish. The weightless formula boosts any style, leaving the hair with an all-day soft and touchable hold.

What Tommie says: It went into his damp hair with ease and smelled nice. It was not sticky and provided a moderate amount of volume. He “did not feel like an 80s superstar” after using it. The volume spray also wasn’t greasy, but it left the hair with nice shine. He also liked how this helped protect his hair from the blow dryer.

Forming Fiber
What the Brand Says: Verb Forming Fiber provides all-day hold with flexibility to re-work styles, leaving hair with a matte finish.

What Tommie Says: It was a little sticky but not overwhelmingly so. “It helped tame my luscious locks.” (His exact words) It kept his hair under control and held stray pieces in place.

What I Say: This is a product I have been reaching for also. It is meant to use on dry hair only, and that’s how we both use it. I agree it does feel a little sticky but it isn’t terrible I like that when I wear my hair back, it keeps frizzies around my hair line down, even in wind. I also like that if my ends are looking especially fuzzy or misbehaving I can use the smallest amount of it to “stick them together” and get them to behave. I find a little goes a long way with this one.

Finishing Polish
What They Say: Verb Flyaway Control Finishing Polish is a lightweight cream that controls flyaways and provides shine, definition and a soft, refined finish without leaving hair weighed down.

What Tommie Says: It helped with frizz, made his hair even more shiny but didn’t feel greasy or weighed down. It was not heavy. It was a nice finishing product that gave the hair a completed, polished look.

What I Say: I haven’t tried this on my hair wet yet but I’ve used it on day 2 and 3 hair. I do find a need a substantial amount of product to achieve results, but it does an nice job at taming frizz and adding shine to my hair when it looks dull. I really love there is UV protection in here as well as hair reparative ingredients such as Argan Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Bamboo Extract and Green Tea.

When I asked Tommie about his favorite products, he said they were all pretty nice but the shampoo and conditioner combo was his favorite. He didn’t always use the stylers but he still felt his hair was left soft, manageable and shiny when I used them alone. Tommie also likes that there is Argan Oil in most of the products, or as he calls it “Alderaan Oil” He noticed how great of an ingredient Argan Oil is when I gave him some last year after he got sunburn on the beach and it healed it super quick!

As mentioned earlier, I really like that there are so many beneficial ingredients in the VERB products so I feel my hair and Tommie’s hair are being treated and styled at once. We both also like that all the products have nice, light scents to them that are not overpowering or too perfumey.

The VERB products left Tommie’s hair ridiculously soft. I love running my fingers through his hair. Hehehe.

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disclaimer: products sent for review consideration. no monetary compensation was received for the review and all opinions are our own and honest thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane


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  2. Yes, i agree with Tommie, The Verb Hydrate line is absolutely amazing. Like it more then Devacurl. not sure if they still have this deal but i got Verb Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Deal on Sale. here.


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