Week 2 of Design Essentials Naturals Quinoa & Bamboo Hair Repair

So today was the second week for me to use the Design Essentials Naturals Quinoa & Bamboo Hair Repair kit. I continue to be impressed with the results.

 If you missed my blog post from last week, click here to read it- it also explains in detail what this system is and what it does!

As a quick reminder, using this system for 4 consecutive weeks should give up to 10x stronger hair and help eliminate split-ends, breakage plus increase body and shine.

For my results and experience this week, read more after the break!

I love that this deep treatment is leave in, it really saves me so much time on my whole wash day routine.
I pre pooed last night using the essential oils on my scalp again and coconut oil throughout the lengths of my hair.

I really enjoy the scent of the shampoo- light and citrusy. I'm still amazed at how moisturizing it is! I did step 2 and 3 exactly like I did last week right after, waiting 5 minutes in between as directions stated to do.

Once I applied Step 2 and 3 I applied the following styling products using Ouidad's Rake & Shake Technique in sections:
  • Kerastase Initialiste (scalp only)
  • Ouidad Curl Recovery Curl Defining Styling Souffle
  • SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Intense Hydration Oil

The odd dryness I was experience Saturday night and Sunday is gone. That was weird. Above anything else, I notice a great amount of shine today. Honestly because I forgot my blue tooth camera button at my boyfriends, these pictures are taken using the front camera on my iphone6 and they do not so the shine any justice!!! I also minimal frizz and increased definition again. My under layers are nice and curly (see more on that below)Also, my hair feels ridiculously (in a good way) silky!!!

I also love the fact the Ouidad Curl Souffle seems to be performing as well as what used to take 4 products to do. I did use an oil to seal today. I hope it continued to perform as humidity increases.

I can't say I notice a significant amount of hair breakage/shedding yet. There does seem to be less hair in the shower, but also keep in mind my hair is significantly shorter than it used to me so due to a decrease in length,of course it will appear to be less. (I hope that makes sense)

I am still concerned the small 2oz bottles of step 2 and step 3 will not last week the full four treatments because I am applying enough to really cover my hair. I want the results so I want to do it right. Because of this, I swung by Sally beauty today and picked up an extra kit- bonus it was $2 off! I will be sure to keep updated on the actual amount used and when I do go into the second kit.

Overall I'd say my second week using this system has been a success. Here's to even better results with Weeks 3 & 4.

It's odd how the hair in my underneath layers are so much curlier, shinier and healthier than the top. If only the top part can look as good. It needs to grow more.

I have been reading more on Bamboo and how it is so good for hair growth. It is supposed to help by taking internally too so based on my friend Jolie's recommendation I started drinking two cups of Bamboo Leaf Tea to hopefully help with hair growth!I got it off Amazon.com here.

I seriously can't wait for my hair to grow long again. I'm still pretty depressed over this short length thing. I really like my hair half up half down better than all down like this. I know it will grow back healthier and better than before but I just don't feel really pretty with shorter hair. =( I want to fast forward to 2017 or so.
By the way, did you read my review of the Design Essentials Naturals Coconut & Monoi Collection? If not, do so by clicking here!

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane

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