Doll 10 Beauty BlendSmart Rotating Makeup Brush System

Every so often a beauty product gets released that I get SUPER excited about!! I fall in love with it and don't know how I ever lived before owning it. The new Doll 10 Beauty BlendSmart Rotating Makeup Brush System is one of these products! Read on for more!

When I watched the presentation a couple of weeks ago on QVC, admittedly so I thought it was going to be too good to be true. But nope, this baby is incredible. I was also SO HAPPY it was on easy pay at the time because it's a little bit of an investment, yes, but with this brush you need to you half the amount of makeup as usual so in the long run it actually saves. I also considered that lately I have been using beauty blenders for my foundation and those cost $20 a pop and don't last nearly as long as this brush will!

Here is what says about the BlendSmart Rotating Makeup Brush:
"Another brilliant idea from Doll 10 Beauty! The BlendSMART Rotating Foundation Brush turns an entire 360 degrees to apply your makeup evenly and flawlessly. Perfect with liquid, cream, or powder foundations, this brush is a must-have for every makeup bag. From Doll 10 Beauty."

This is the back of the box it comes in, which also explains more:

Because the brush head is easily removable from the base, you can wash it with no problem. I also like that the brush hairs are synthetic and cruelty free.

I am a "beauty gadget" junkie. I use the Dazzlepro electric toothbrush to brush my teeth and the Clarisonic to wash my face. Both helped my beauty routine for the better. So it only made sense for me to get an electric (battery operated) makeup brush!

I do find I need less product using this which is a plus and it does help me apply my foundation quickly. But what I love most of all is how it seamlessly makes my makeup and my skin become one. No streaks, my smudges, no thick pancake makeup-like application. Even my dear boyfriend who sometimes accuses me of not blending my makeup well enough complimented how nice my makeup has been looking lately- and he had no idea about this. The brush has worked well for me with several different brands of foundation too, so don't worry if you don't have the Doll 10 foundation (but the hydra drops foundation is amazing so maybe look into it! haha) It also is great to help to blend when I get heavy handed with my blush.

With using this brush, the best way is to slowly move it and let the brush do the spinning. In other words, there is no need to move your hand in circular motions while applying.

Also, if you are using this with a cream or powder foundation compact, do not dip it in while the brush is on. Trust me from experience- it will swirl all the way down to the pan.
foundation applied with brush
A powder brush head and blush brush head are sold separately that you can use with the same handle. You better believe both are on my wishlist! I am also at some point planning on picking up a second one since I stay with my boyfriend on weekends I can stop bringing this one back and forth.
I would love to see the Doll 10 team invent a smaller concealer-type brush head because although it can cover some of my dark circles, the head is too big to go directly under my eyes.
Stretch loves the blendsmart brush too ;)

I can't recommend this brush enough. I tried using one of my older beloved brushes after using this and it just wasn't the same!

You can watch the presentation on QVC's site here.

 disclaimer: product bought with my own money. no monetary compensation received. all opinions are my own and honest thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane


  1. So Diane iam late to the party and just bought this 2 weeks ago. You are so right: less is more when it comes to how much foundation you need!!! I also love it as a last step to just buff and blend everything together. I think I will be putting my Sigma F80 to rest

    1. better late than never =D About a year and a half later, I'm still beyond obsessed with this brush, and on the same battery!!! Doll10's website actually sells additional brush heads for blush and powder. I have those as well and they are equally fantastic. I think I may do an updated post about this brush and talk a bit about the new heads at some point soon. Thanks for commenting here and giving me that idea. =)


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