Hair of the Day: Day 1 Hair from Saturday

Saturday was a beautiful day. I went out to Red Bank with my boyfriend and friends and we had a great night. Before leaving I snapped a few pictures of my freshly washed hair. I wish the lighting on some of these were better but I was being rushed out the door while trying to take them.At least pictures I took outside came out well! See them and find out what products I used after the break!
I have been set in routine in trying to use the same deep conditioners and such up until I use up the jar or bottle. This will help me go through my stash I think? So here is what I did:

As usual, the night before I pre pooed with an essential oil mix on my scalp and coconut oil through my length.

Before getting in the shower, I used the tweak-d Restore Self Cleansing Treatment on dry hair for about 5 minutes. I love this stuff and it has been sold out for a bit on HSN. I hope it comes back in stock soon because I am on my second jar and only have one additional (hoarder problems?)

-Cleanser: Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Co-Wash
-Treatment: Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Scalp Exfoliator. I use this the same time as the Co-Wash. Why oh why was this discontinued?!
-Conditioner: Ouidad Melt Down Extreme Mask for about a half hour. Last 5 minutes I used the Dessange Paris Blonde CC Creme for toning. I need to do a seperate post of this stuff.
I finally braced myself to rinse with COLD water. It was miserable, but rinsing with cold water is supposed to help the cuticle lay flat and hair stay shinier.

 That stupid mark on my left cheek is not a pimple. The other morning when I woke up I accidentally scratched my face!! It was bleeding for a while, I hope it does not scar. I have been applying the Tatcha Indigo Treatment on it 2x a day because that is supposed to help heal wounds.

To style after shower, I applied the following products using the Ouidad Rake & Shake Technique. I then clipped the front hairline pieces in little clips to stretch them out.

-Kerastase Initialiste (scalp only) *I decided once I use up this bottle I will not be repurchasing this, as it contains mineral oil! ugh!!
-Alterna Hair & Scalp Lengthening Elixir *another product I am using up & not repurchasing. I don't think this is doing anything.
-SheaMoisture mix of 3 conditioners as a leave in
-SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Gel-Cream (I'm officially obsessed with this. look for a blog later in the week)
-Briogeo Rosarco Oil to Seal

Once it dried hour hours before I went out, I took the clips out and applied a little mixture of the Verb Ghost Oil & Forming Fiber for added shine and to mask some split ends. I love that forming fiber. The one side of my head the hairline piece dried in kind of a weird shape regardless of the clips. Grrrr
 The above picture is of water near the docks as the sun was setting. No filter, it was so pretty.
The shirt I am wearing in these pictures is from Hard Tail. I bought it a few years ago out in California. I LOVE tie dye and this color combination. I wore my galaxy print Toms Shoes to sort of match. I also LOVE galaxy print.

Of course my one beautiful friend we were with has such long, pretty  blonde hair. I had hair envy of her the whole night.

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane

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