Hair of the Day: Day 2- Heatless & Elongated with Verb Products

Yesterday I went with my boyfriend and a couple of friends to see the new Avengers movie. It was amazing. I was hanging at my boyfriend's house waiting for him while he went to teach a music lesson (the man is so talented) and it turned into an impromptu selfie session because I got bored. This is Day 2 hair, I had a mid week wash day from an intense work out the day before that caused me to sweat so much I just needed to feel clean and dry shampoo would just not cut it.
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So Day 1 (Wednesday) was my mid week wash day. Something I don't usually do. I didn't use any shampoo or co-wash I just applied the Briogeo Curl Charisma Conditioner in the Shower and used it to massage my scalp and through the lengths of my hair. I forgot how much I adore this stuff, I don't use it too often because 9 out of 10 times I use a mask instead of a rinse out conditioner. It also smells incredible. To style day 1 I used the Kerastase Initialise on my scalp only, a mix of 3 SheaMoisture Conditioners as a leave in, the new SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Gel-Cream and Intense Hydration Oil to seal. That new SheaMoisture Gel-Cream impressed me again.

Okay, now onto Day 2 hair which is what you see in the pics here. I was going to just throw it up in my 1/2 up 1/2 down go to but I said "Oh come on Diane, you can do better. Work with it", so I did.
 Earlier on in the day I used the following products section by section: Verb Leave In Mist and
Verb Styling Cream mixed with Ghost Oil.

I didn't scrunch my hair too much because I wanted to elongate my hair for length. I also clipped up my hair line pieces flat to my head so they would reshape smoother and the plan worked. So sorry I didn't take a picture of that!

Hours later right before this selfie session I took my hair out of those clips and applied some of the Verb Finishing Polish & Forming Fiber just over all my hair (in other words, not section by section). These products  live at Tommie's house right now since he likes them too. I need to get a jar of that Forming Fiber for home, it's incredible for what it does to temporarily mask my split ends and hold pieces together without feeling sticky, hard or gross.

Here is what is impressing me even more about the Verb products: I used what sounds like a lot of products for Day 2 but the thing is- I was able to run my fingers through my hair, my hair felt soft, shiny and remained frizz free- despite playing with it! That truly blows my mind. My hair just didn't feel heavy or overly producty and gross even though I put so much in it. It still felt very lightweight.

If you missed my review blogs of the Verb products, check them out here and here.
What else was nice about this day 2 hair is I actually got compliments on it from real life people. =)

Today as I type this I am on day 3 hair. While I am makeup less and don't feel like selfie-ing, my hair still feels soft, and looks shiny and frizz free even though I worked out again and used dry shampoo and a little refresher spray. I still see and feel the benefits from the verb products I used yesterday. I MUST try the shampoo and conditioner for myself. I am bringing small containers to Tommie's over the weekend to take some home.

I haven't had my hair color done at all since February 14. My roots are REALLY starting to show. I must be patient to grow out my natural hair color. I know I'll be happy when it is longer, stronger and healthier. I haven't seem my natural hair color since 2003. Also, as I think about it, most of my hair, with the exception of my still bleached, damaged ends, have been feeling so much healthier and nicer overall. 

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane


  1. Thank you for the review Diane. We are so glad you enjoy Verb.
    P.S.: Love your hair!

    1. It's my pleasure! Thank you for the kind compliment and for reading my blog :) Yes both my boyfriend and myself are truly impressed with the Verb products!

  2. I really like your idea....:)


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