Hair of the Day ft SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage & Professional Lines- with mini review

This past week hasn't been the greatest for me. This week of May is one of the worst times of the year for me and I have just been down, so apologizes if I haven't been posting as much as I should. Here is another Day 1 freshly washed hair of the day. I experimented with some of the products in the SheaMoisture Professional line available at Sally Beauty for the first time. I also, admittedly, was a bit too heavy handed again. Read on for more!

Lately again I have been missing my length like crazy. I know my hair is growing at a nice speed, but still I want my long hair back again so bad. I just don't feel as pretty but I try. I just keep reminding myself when it is long again it will be so much healthier and prettier.

As usual I slept with essential oils on my hair, I've been using the Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir on my scalp and then coconut oil on my length. Before washing I applied a mix of the Tweak-d Ultra Nourish & Shine Self Cleansing Hair Treatments for about 10 minutes. They smell so good.

  • Shampoo: SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage on scalp and the Professional Curl Co-Wash through ends.  I also mixed the Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Scalp Exfoliator on my scalp.

This was my first time using the Co-Wash and I was impressed! I didn't love the smell, to me it smelled like yellow number 2 pencils but it was faint and didn't linger. My hair felt so very moisturized after and I noticed shine when I towel dried before applying masques. The label says this co-wash promotes gentle cleansing, moisture retention and frizz control with a CocoShea BioLipid Complex with Agave Nectar and Black Seed Oil.

a bit too heavy handed with the glaze

  • Conditioner: SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Masque mixed with Curl Junkie Curl Rehab for half hour. Followed up with Dessange Blonde CC Creme on top to tone. 

I don't know why I mix these 2 masques because they both work so well on their own. I just love mixing I guess! I left the Dessnage Blonde CC Creme on way too long- my still bleached ends have a lavender hue now, as if my hair color wasn't looking terrible as is. Ooopps

  • Styling Products: Kerastase Initialiste (Scalp Only), Mix of 4 SheaMoisture Conditioners as a Leave in, SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Wave Defining Lotion, SheaMoisture Professional Vibrant Color Clear Shine Glaze. Air dried.

The SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Wave Defining Lotion is officially Holy Grail Status. The definition it provides is just unexpectedly incredible. I need to get a backup next Target run.

fixing my hair and he takes a picture
This was my first time using the Professional Vibrant Color Clear Shine Glaze. When I bought it from Sally Beauty I thought it was going to be an in shower sealant, but nope- it's essentially an oil blend. I detect no smell whatsoever from it. The label says it has a Baotein Precious Oils Complex with Tsubaki Oil and Opuntia Extract to provide soft, silky hair with anti-fade protection and incredible shine. It is supposed to replenish moisture and aids recovery of strength and elasticity. It also contains plant based sun filters! I definitely like this product a lot. It is a very thin consistency and completely clear. I think I used way too much though. I'm still used to applying product for longer and more damaged hair and used 2 palmfuls of the stuff- next time I believe I can get away with half the amount!

I also picked up the leave in from the SheaMoisture Professional line and want the masques. I will start using the leave in when I go through my mega mix of the other SheaMoisture conditioners I've been using as my leave in lately.

My hair felt soft and I had minimal frizz and nice definition. I sound like a broken record but I can't wait for the damage pieces to grow out so my outer layer will look healthier again.

I also noticed I started seeing less hair in the shower as I incorporated more and more of the SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage line into my routine! A full review of that line will be coming soon, as I also have used other products during the weeks I really like.

Here is my hair as it was drying. I just used one clip on each side to stretch out the tight hairline curls.

<3 Diane


  1. Omg girl!!!!! Your hair is amazing and the products too :P

    I am sorry it is not a good time for you. I send you virtual hugs <3

  2. What are your thoughts on Shea moisture firm hold gel cream product?

    1. there will be a detailed review of the whole anti-breakage line coming soon


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