Hair of the Day: Wide Headband

Yesterday was Day 3 hair. The weather was beautiful- I was in my yard with Stretch for a while. I went out to dinner with Tommie and wanted to look cute and not just throw my hair back. I decided to channel middle school Diane and rock a headband. True story, I wore headbands nearly every day in middle school. Read on for more.

So this headband I got from the Birchbox shop for free with Birchbox points. I really like it because it is super wide and doesn't give me a headache as some headbands can if they are too tight. I felt very mod and 1960s-esque too.

The other cool thing about the wide headband is it helped to disguise the fact my hair is currently 4 colors right now. Bleh. I am trying to figure out what to go with that because I don't want dye on my virgin hair and I also don't want dye on the damaged ends. I know I definitely don't want highlights.

Before putting the headband on I used a mix of SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage, Strengthen Grow & Restore, Tahitian Nonoi & Monoi and Zanzibar Marine Complex milks/cream/leave in spray. I have them mixed in one bottle so I get the benefits from all of them. I applied section by section raking my fingers through but not scrunching and let it re-dry before using the band.

Day 3 hair means my hair is naturally stretched out a bunch due to poor elasticity. It gives faux length so I don't mind it!

I am happy to report my virgin hair/new growth feels like it is coming in thicker! It is also very soft and shiny. I really look forward to seeing my hair very long again in a few years when bleach didn't mess it up.
This week I also noticed a lot less hair in the shower too! It may be from me religiously taking 2 Viviscal pills a day and drinking the 2 cups of Bamboo Tea. You can read about the Bamboo Tea here.
Thanks for reading!

<3 Diane

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