My Review of Tweak-d Self Cleansing Hair Treatments

Between my product junky-ness and love of watching TV shopping channels, a couple months ago I watched a presentation on HSN (Home Shopping Network) on a new hair care line called Tweak-d presented by a man who looked extremely familiar. If you are a long time QVC watcher you may remember Denis Simioni who used to present Ojon Hair products. Well, he is now on HSN presenting something new and because of how awesome Ojon used to be when he presented it, I had to stop and listen. He is nicknamed "The Indiana Jones of Hair Care" as he always finds new and innovative ingredients to help bring us our best locks.

Tweak-d is full of lots (around 70 in each formula) of different beneficial ingredients from all around the globe!!

So Tweak-d is a brand new concept in hair care and something I never heard of before. They are "Self Cleansing Hair Treatments" known for "Beauty Redefined" What you do is you apply the cleansing treatment to your hair DRY before you get in the shower. The theory behind it is applying it to dry hair helps to optimize all the beneficial ingredients inside. The brand website says that "this allows for maximum absorption into the hair shaft, of essential active ingredients in their most potent, purest and restorative state. Clinically proven to absorb more active ingredients versus a leading shampoo/conditioner applied in the traditional format." It makes such sense!!  It may sound a bit tricky, because it is different, but I promise it is super easy to use. 

CLICK HERE to read my full detailed review on the tweak-d Restore Treatment for dry and damaged hair and the Ultra Nourishing Treatment for all hair types.

I would also like to add that I originally wrote this article in early March 2015. I have been continuing to use both products, as you may have seen mentioned in my "Hair of the Day" posts. prior to using any other hair products. They do work excellent on their own, I just like mixing, matching and layering hair products. I have to say I absolutely notice such a difference on the days I may forget to use one of the tweak-d before washing. I have re-purchased both products.

<3 Diane


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