Week 4 of Design Essentials Naturals Quinoa & Bamboo Hair Repair

Wow 4 Weeks flew by so fast!! I can't believe today (Monday 5/4) was Week 4 of using this system. As a quick reminder, using the Design Essentials Naturals Quinoa & Bamboo Hair Repair system for 4 consecutive weeks should give up to 10x stronger hair and help eliminate split-ends, breakage plus increase body and shine. After faithfully using this system for the 4 weeks intended, I HIGHLY recommend trying it out! Read more and see pics after the break!

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The night before washing I pre pooed with essential oils on my scalp and Michael Van Clarke's 3 More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment through my lengths. This is a product I loved years ago and not sure why I ever stopped using. This morning when I woke up I used the tweak-d Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Treatment on dry hair. It stayed on my hair an hour or so and through my work out.
I shampooed with the Design Essentials Naturals Quinoa & Bamboo Shampoo. After using the system for 4 weeks, I still have half a bottle of shampoo left. Regardless of if I continue on with the system (more on that later) I plan on using this shampoo once a week until the bottle is empty. I really love it. It's sulfate free but it lathers and my hair feels so clean but soft and moisturized!

I then applied Steps 2 and 3 as directed and left them in. If you recall in earlier blogs, I was concerned about having enough product to get me through the 4 weeks. I am happy to report the little 2oz bottles of each did last me the 4 weeks of using the system, however if my hair was longer (le sigh) I think I would have ran out of product, maybe even in week 3. I do wish the made these bottles bigger. If you want to try this system and have hair shoulder length or longer, pick up two kits to be safe you don't run out. Luckily, this is super affordable at around $15!

Here is what I used to style after the shower, applying in the Ouidad Rake & Shake technique. I clipped the front pieces up like you can see in these pictures:

  • Kerastase Initialiste (scalp only)
  • Alterna Hair & Scalp Lengthening Elixir
  • SheaMoisture mix of 3 conditioners as a leave in
  • SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Gel-Cream
  • Briogeo Rosarco Oil

One my hair fully air dried I used some VERB Ghost Oil on the dry hair. I think next time I can use a bit more of the Briogeo Oil to seal.

Aside from the front part which is straighter since I purposely clipped it that way, I see nice curl wave definition. For some reason, the right side of my head is a bit curlier than the left- I hope that is just because of my raking and shaking and not an actual thing because man that will frustrate me. It didn't change my hair type, and I didn't expect it too but I feel this kit brought back the natural definition I had and am meant to have before I killed it with bleach. My hair feels so incredibly silky and soft and frizz was minimal, even though it was humid and in the mid 80s- which I love because YAY SUMMER! I see nice shine too it too. The parts of my hair that don't have bleach feel especially incredibly. I wish you can feel my hair through the computer. The bottom part of my hair, the underneath layers are more curly, shine and healthier than the top layer but I guess it is because the top layer is most exposed to the elements and everything. Meh.

I did notice less hair in the shower drain today and that's huge!!! Though I think I may still be experiencing some breakage on the bleached ends, it would have been a lot worse without using this system.

The box (which you can see in post 1) says continued use will increase hair elasticity, porosity and moisture content of the hair, as well as continue to improve strength, shine and length retention. I picked up another box of this in fear of running out a week and a half ago, which I didn't. Now I am trying to decide if I should continue onto week 5 and give it another 4 weeks, or should I go and experiment with other products I want to test out? I haven't quite decided yet and I have a week to make up my mind, but regardless I will be using the remainder of the shampoo. Even if I decide to try out other products, I plan on doing this 4 week system every so often for the health of my hair. Aside from the results that I love, I really like how much time it saves me on wash day since I don't have to rinse it out!
 Quinoa, Bamboo & Biotin are are excellent ingredients for the health of the hair. I hope Design Essentials Naturals releases more products in this line- maybe a refresher spray and a styling cream. I'd pick them up in a heart beat.

Though my hair can't grow back long fast enough for me, I feel today was an exceptional hair day. I went out to run errands and two people even complimented my hair! That made me feel good, I haven't had compliments on it in real life in quite some time.

If you are in need of some hair repair or just want to improve the health of your hair, check out the Design Essentials Naturals Quinoa and Bamboo Hair Repair Kit. I found mine at Sally Beauty.

 I purposely wore a Star Wars shirt for May 4th (Star Wars Day) =) The lippie is called "Wifey" by Colour Pop Cosmetics. I love this color for the warm weather the pigment and wear time and phenomenal and the best part was it only was $5!

disclaimer: product bought by me. no monetary compensation received for my review. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions, as always. 

Thanks for reading.
<3 Diane

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