Doll Face Beauty Illuminating Face Polish & Pore Perfecting Mineral Mask

I am a skin care junkie! To me if you have nice skin, you need to wear less makeup. Plus, you wear your skin every single day so why would you not like it to look the best it can?? Though I do believe part of having a nice complexion comes from the inside out, there are products that can help your face look nice, healthy and radiant. I recently had the chance to try 2 products from Doll Face Beauty and I am OBSESSED! These products are so good! Read on for more.

First, I would describe my skin as combination, shine and acne prone. Also, on top of having to fight spots I also am concerned about "aging gracefully" and doing what I can to prevent lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

The packaging of the Doll Face Beauty products is stunning. Beautiful, elegant, girly and with some flowers and pink!

Their website says this about the line:

"Glamorous Results 

Naturally potent, clean skincare inspired by the grace & style of retro Hollywood. We design high performance skin solutions with glamorous results.We are committed to making skin care a positive and empowering experience that reflects beauty and glamour, not medicine and problems. Each product combines the very best of science and nature with our super-effective blends of power-packed active ingredients that effectively cleanse, hydrate, protect, refine, and brighten skin.

 Beauty with a Conscience

Our "clean" formulas are developed responsibly by omitting any suspected harmful ingredients and tapping natural sources as alternatives. We utilize Fair Trade ingredients wherever possible, employ recyclable materials in our luxe packaging and test our products on starlets, never on animals. And lastly, we know that women desire to feel pretty; and our mood-boosting packaging reflects our glamorous inspiration & beautiful Doll Face skin!"

I am reviewing 2 products from Doll Face Beauty.

Brilliance Illuminating Face Polish

 This is what is on the package about the product:

 I really like this face polish! The scrub itself is even such a pretty shade of pink and has a pleasant fresh yet sweet smell. I use this scrub 2 to 3 times a week, always before the mask too. Even upon my first time using it I noticed how smooth my skin felt immediately after. This polish does an excellent job and helping to brighten dull skin and remove dead skin cells. I really like using this before going somewhere special. Also before going to the beach (don't forget to wear sunscreen!!!) because my skin looks so radiant and more even, so I don't feel as weird going in public with no or minimum face makeup on.

Purify Pore Perfecting Mineral Mask
 This is what is on the package about the product:
 I LOVE using face masks as part of my skin care regimen. I usually use them twice a week. Due to my skin concerns, clay masks that dry up on my skin are my absolute favorite. This mask was a home run for me and I already am planning on buying another when this runs out. I find it works just as well as other clay masks that are double in price. I really like that there is Kaolin Clay and Salicylic Acid in this mask- it is targeting my congested pores. After each use my skin feels softer, smoother, looks more even tones and i notice as I have been using it consistently for a few weeks, I see less blackheads around my nose! Though it does dry up on my face, when I rinse my skin doesn't feel tight or super dry which is wonderful.

I HIGHLY recommend both products. They are both concentrated and I found I needed a very small amount of each- which will help them last a while for me. I love the results I am achieving with them and when I use both together.

me with no makeup on

You can find Doll Face Beauty on or in any Ricky's NYC stores!

disclaimer: products sent to me for review consideration. No monetary compensation was received. All thoughts are my own and honest opinions, as always.

<3 Diane

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  1. I am thinking of buying the mask but I wasn't completely sure whether it is right for my skin type... Thank you for the review, you really helped me a lot


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