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I know I've been bad with keeping up with "Hair of the Day" posts. The reason is two fold: 1) I haven't been home a lot lately  2) I kind of hate my hair, I want it to grow long and most of the time I wash it and just throw it up not to be bothered. But I liked my outfit the other day and my boyfriend was awesome in taking some pictures for me. My hair looked okay but I had some majoy product fail going on. I thought it was important to show a not so great hair day on here. I don't like speaking negatively about products, but the truth for me is the truth and lying is pointless. Read on for more.

better lighting in the car
This was Day 1 hair. Washed and styled using Ouidad's Rake and Shake Technique. I also had the hairline pieces clipped back when wet to stretch them out. However, lately I have been "breaking" a bunch of curly girl "rules" because I rather my hair have a looser pattern and appear longer than the most curl definition and look shorter. Seriously my hair just can't grow fast enough!! I haven't been scrunching as much, have been using my curly tee to just twist my wet hair up out of my face and sometimes I even run my fingers through my hair once it dries.

I have been also working on going through my product junkie stash lately  using stuff up and passing stuff along that just didn't work for me. But I also have some new products to blog about soon too.

Shampoo wise was fine. I use a mix of SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage and Superfruit Shampoos mixed with the DS Labs Revita Shampoo I recently reviewed here.

Conditioner I used up the last of a masque by L'Oreal Professional called Absolut Repair. I'm glad it is gone, I wasn't crazy about this stuff. It didn't do much for me and there are so many masques I love better.

The real product fails came in the styling.
I used a mix of some SheaMoisture conditioners as a leave in as I have been doing- that part works well for me.
Then I used Karen's Body Beautiful Hold It Gel that got sent to me and this was fail number 1.
I sealed with the SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Glosser which I also have been using almost every wash so I know that was fine.

I hate the say this, but really that Karen's Body Beautiful Hold It Gel was horrible for me. It sounded promising- it has Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Marula Oil, Silk Protein..all ingredients my hair likes. Not sure where it went wrong but the stuff left my hair feeling so very stiff and dry. My hair also looked stringy and just kind of bleh. My hair initially dried very crunchy. Even after my hair air dried I scrunched out the crunch, some crunch wouldn't scrunch out and just the feel of my hair- nope. My boyfriend even commented on how not as nice my hair looked as opposed to when I have been using just SheaMoisture, Ouidad, VERB and other stuff I find myself constantly reaching for (do you want a blog on that?)

I tried the Karen's Body Beautiful Butter Love Pomade which is a blend of oils and butters on my hair dry to try to help with frizz and let my hair feel softer but it didn't do much of anything. This pomade is now a foot cream- on my skin the stuff feels really nice! I will say the Pomegranate Guava scent is so fruity and yummy.

It's unfortunately these Karen's Body Beautiful products were fails for me. I tried some products in the past by that brand and did have success with them. Most notebly the Hair Blossom Moisture Mist, Super Duper Hydrating Cream and Heavenly Jojoba Hair Oil.

The very ends of my hair which still have bleach are in need of a trim soon. I have been "searching and destroying" the super bad splits but I am going to have my boyfriend do a microtrim/dusting some time next month. Right now he is the only one I am trusting with scissors near my head 100% and I can't afford another trip to the Ouidad salon yet. Oh and yes I know my roots are coming in with a vengeance. Eventually it'll all be my virgin hair color. For those keeping track, I haven't had color put in my hair since mid February.

Outfit wise my dress is Isaac Mizrahi Live for QVC from last year or the year before. I love dresses in the summer because they are so easy and when it is hot they are so much more comfortable than pants. My scarf is from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection which I got off ebay (I didn't overpay too much) But I am obsessed with it!

<3 Diane

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