Hair of The Day: Unexpected Curls Post Beach Day

Yesterday I went to the beach for the second time so far this year and it was amazing. I wish I lived closer to the shore (dear world: please know the actual jersey shore it not like that stupid show. it's actually beautiful and quite lovely. le sigh) Regardless of if I go all the way under water in the Ocean or not, I always wash my hair after the beach because of the sun, sand, sunscreen, hair treatments, etc. I kind of just washed it to get it clean and stuff but wound up with some totally unexpected results! Read on for more.

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So at the beach I didn't do too much with my hair. I used the Design Essential Naturals Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Milk Souffle through all of my hair to let the sun's heat penetrate it into a mega awesome treatment. This is actually a styler and not a "deep conditioner" but I think it is a deep conditioner secretly undercover because of how well it works. The souffle also has Sunflower Oil, Milk Protein and Shea Butter and when I rinsed my hair later on, before even using shampoo and conditioner my hair just felt so incredibly soft and silky. Monoi Oil is one of my favorite hair ingredients (read about it here).

Side note: If you are at the beach and have a side part and not under an umbrella most of the time, don't forget to use SPF on your part so your scalp does not burn.
I REALLY miss my mermaid hair at the beach!!

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When I got to my boyfriend's house where I showered and such I used a mix of 4 shampoos. I know that sounds absurd. I have been using the DS Labs Revita Shampoo mixed with the SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage and SuperFruit Shampoos on my scalp for the ingredients and effects. I do this most washes but what I added to it and also used on my body was the Davines Su Hair and Body Wash. This came in my mom's Birchbox this month (side note: It's June 18 and my box is NOT here yet! Not cool Birchbox) but I swiped it from her because she didn't want it and it sounded awesome. This stuff is especially made for Sun drenched skin and hair and features Italian citrus extracts. It helps to moisture and repair damaged skin and hair post beach and smells DELICIOUS- like sweet tarts!!!! It works great on the lengths of my hair and my body leaving both feeling super soft and refreshed.

I followed up the shampoos with the Tweak-d Restore Treatment. I can't get enough of this stuff! I usually use it on dry hair before wetting, as directed but kind of forgot so I used it as my conditioner, only leaving it on about 5 minutes or so. It detangled my hair and left it feeling conditioned, smooth and shiny. I very rarely wash my hair now without incorporating one of the Tweak-d products because I am that in love with them. I need to do an update but my original review of them is here.

Now to style. Here's where things got weird. I broke just about all of my usual styling "rules" because it was 6pm and I wanted my hair to air dry by the time I went to bed around midnight (It just about did. roots were still a tad wet though). So for best results I usually apply product on soaking wet hair. I did not. I squeezed out all the excess water I possibly could using my hands and then took my curly tee and squeezed out more water before applying products!

Another weird thing, Though I did apply products section  by section I didn't really shake or scrunch I kind of just twisted the products into my hair to ring out more water. All I used was a mix of 4 SheaMoisture Conditioners (I like to mix. What else can I say?) followed up with Kerastase Ultimate Elixir Oil Blend. So I didn't even use any kind of gel or cream or anything!

Continuing with the weirdness after that I flipped my head over and just piled my hair in my curly tee like a twist instead of plopping or anything curly specific (though I haven't plopped at all since my hair has been shorter.)

Now, I usually clip the front sections of my hair back to dry because they are curlier and usually dry wonky. But when I removed the curly tee and let them fall however, they didn't look half bad. I decided to just go with it and let it do it's thing since I was planning on throwing it back every single day as I have been doing most days.

Here are the results. My roots are still a bit wet. There is some frizz, yes but the curl definition was pretty shocking. You can also see what I mean when I say the front of my hair is so much curlier than the rest. I think you can also tell how healthy most of my hair is getting now but also how terribly damaged my bleached ends still are. I look forward to the ends being trimmed off for good at some point and me having super long, all healthy mermaid hair again! I still do not like this length on me for anything and just want it long, long, long.

Sorry I didn't have makeup on in the pictures.

When I woke up this morning, my hair was a disaster. I clipped it back, threw some Carol's Daughter spray mix in it (again with my mixing) and didn't worry about it.

I miss this mermaid hair more then words can express. It's like I did a reverse and went from (not quite a) swan just to an ugly duckling. Crazy how much of an effect hair has on us, isn't it? I keep thinking of getting permanent extensions, but that kind of defeats the growing my hair in healthy thing. =(
last Summer =(

 <3 Diane

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