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So this originally was going to just be a simple "Hair of the Day" post but I decided to elaborate a little bit on some products I have been reaching for over and over again for a month or even longer now since I know I will be trying out some new lines and products again soon. Read on for more.

Granted I have a long way to get to where I want it to be, it's important for my transitioning hair to be as healthy as possible. I still really don't like wearing it all down and often it is clipped back. (it got clipped back as soon as I snapped some pictures) My roots may still be a bit wet in these pictures- they take so long to dry.

 I know I say it a lot, but I look forward to all the bad, damaged bleached parts being gone in hopes I will have less split ends. I also really, really REALLY look forward for my hair being boob length again (ugh. hurry hair! please!!!) My new virgin hair and the hair that only has the INOA color really feels so soft, smooth and healthy. If only I can get it to magically grow overnight.

Any products I apply I always do in small sections to coat all sections with products evenly. Because the front of my hair is usually wonky I clip it back to air dry.

one way I clip the front of my hair back to dry
As I mentioned in my last "Hair of the Day" post I break a lot of curly "rules" lately. It's Summer, I want my hair to air dry fast and i don't mind sacrificing a bit of curl definition in exchange for my hair to look longer.

My multi hair color disaster is also driving me crazy but I know it will be worth it when all my virgin hair color grows in and is healthy. The underneath layers especially are nice. My top layer has so much bleach damage as well as mechanical and environmental damage to them they will take a bit more time to recover.

bottom layers look health, soft and shiny


Prior to just about every wash day (except those after the beach) I sleep with a mix of essential oils on my scalp and coconut oil through my lengths. Currently I use the Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir Oil on my scalp and like it a lot.

Before every shower I use the tweak-d self cleansing treatments and I rotate between the Ultra Nourish and Restore.  You can find these on HSN. I have sometimes also used these alone or even in place of shampoo and/or conditioner or both and they are amazing. If I miss them my hair just does not feel quite as soft or shiny. I have quite a few back ups in fear of me running out and them selling out. I leave them in at least 10 minutes before shower but more often then not I put them in my hair and then go work out first before showering.

The Shampoos I use consistently lately are the SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage, Superfruit Renewal and DS Labs Revita all mixed together. I keep these on my scalp and don't intentionally run them through my lengths. They leave my hair soft and clean. The Revita is supposed to help encourage hair growth. Once a week I'll use a co-wash on the lengths. I like the Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Co Wash and SheaMoisture Professionals Curl Co Wash.

For conditioner more often then not I use masques. I have been working through my hair product stash which has a lot of masques in it to use them up.I like leaving masques on at least 20 minutes but most often even longer. I just finished up a masque from a company in England that was pretty good but it's expensive and in England so I most likely will not repurchase. I will try to do product reviews of masques as I am using them consistently.  However, the other time a week I use masques I remain pretty constant and I will combine the 5 SheaMoisture masques you see in the picture all together because I am always so indecisive on which SheaMoisture masque I want to use. They all have key ingredients I like a lot. The "mega magic mask" I create with them is incredible. If I HAD to pick one favorite SheaMoisture line, it would be the anti-breakage. I have noticed so much less hair in my shower from breakage and shedding since using this line!!!!

Styling wise is pretty simple: scalp treatment (not pictured), leave in conditioner, styler and oil/sealer.
I have been using a mix of I think it is up to 4 SheaMoisture Conditioners as my leave in.  They are all combined in the one container to make my life a bit easier. The Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave In was another awesome one but I ran out of it.

I have been using the SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Root Lifting Styler as a scalp treatment. I don't look for lifted roots but I like the ingredients inside for scalp health.

Lately as my styler I have been LOVING to combine Original Moxie Hold Up Serum and Oasis Gel. The Hold Up is incredible on its own- it is infused with Quinoa protein! The Oasis Gel is made for dry and damaged hair and when I mix the 2 my hair is so soft, shiny, touchable and minimal frizz even when I do things like pre towel dry (with my curly tee) my wet hair prior to using product. A little goes so far with these products too. They never leave my hair stiff or crunchy. They are Holy Grail!

To seal I have been using the SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Glosser. It's really nice. I also liked lately using  the SheaMoisture Superfruit Renewal Oil or Briogeo Rosarco Oil but I am all out of the latter.

So that's basically what I have been using with success for the last month or so. I also once every few weeks love the Ouidad Deep Treatment Restoration Therapy with my steamer.

Here is how I wear my hair a lot-  half clipped back. I like it because it hides the sides I need to grow out and show cases the underneath layers which I think look better. 

disclaimer: not a sponsored post. all products are mentioned because I have bought them with my own money and genuinely use and love them.

<3 Diane


  1. Hi Diane, I have been reading your posts and am "rooting" for your speedy hair growth! I have curly hair that was shorter than yours but is now a bit past shoulder length. I am working towards long mermaid hair, too! I'm encouraged by your posts and progress, keep it up. I know you'll get there! ~Hillary

    1. Hi Hillary! Thank you for reading and for the support! Good luck with your hair growth too =)

  2. Love the OM HUDS! This post makes me want to try the oasis gel again or some of their other stuff. I tried them years ago and was not a fan, but my hair or the products could have changed.

    Yes, your underlayers look very healthy and pretty. :) I'm sure the wait time will be worth it!

    1. It took me a minute to realize what HUDS was haha. Hold Up Serum- got it now ;) I really love the OM line, I think certain products of theirs do work better for high po hair which could possibly be why your hair might not of liked some of them but I believe they may be working on something for low po soon? I feel like I heard that but not from the actual brand so we will see. I can't wait for the top to be longer and healthier again!! =)

  3. Hey Diane! I used to watch your Youtube videos all the time and love your articles. I think you're a true beauty and such an inspiration! I can relate to you so much because I had to chop several inches of hair off due to bleach damage :/ I had my hair fried right before my wedding last July (almost a year ago!) and I'm still trying my best to get it back into good health and to get it long again. I'm so impatient when it comes to that. I absolutely love the Shea Moisture Superfruit line and thanks to an earlier post of yours, I recently ordered the Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum line, in hopes that my hair likes it.

    I just started my own wavy hair blog (well, wavy hair mixed with some thrifting and budget beauty posts) and would love for you to check it out when I get some good content up :)

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