Hair Product Obsession: FAR Botanicals Verde Oil Supreme Serum Oil for Hair (Silicone Free!)

I have found a new hair product that I am obsessed with! FAR Botanicals Verde Oil Supreme Serum Oil is a natural moisturizing serum that not only treats hair and makes it look nice, but it also doubles as a hair perfume! There are 8 scents you can select from and they all have the same amazing benefits. The brand actually has a special going on for their serum where you can save up to 65% which I explain more about at the end of my blog post. Read on for more! describes their Verde Serum as follows:
"Not your typical salon oil, Verde Oil Supreme (VOS) is artisan crafted, and 100% free of silicones and other cheap fillers. With the selection of a custom fragrance, it can be transformed into a fine perfume oil for hair. VOS is designed not only to condition the hair, but to also act as an effective heat styling protectant up to 350° Fahrenheit. Crafted from a blend of over 15 moisturizing emollients, Verde is a light, silky serum that leaves hair incredibly soft, glossy and with greater resistance to breaking."

 Product performance wise, this serum is outstanding. I love that is it silicone free! I have used it in multiple ways getting excellent results each time. Here are some of the ways I like to use the product:
  • As a pre poo treatment for anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight
  • As a sealer for wet hair
  • On dry hair to add shine and help with frizz
  • On wet or dry hair to help with split ends
  • As a cuticle oil on my nails at night time
  • On my hair at the beach so the sun can penetrate it into a wonderful treatment

This stuff is concentrated so a little goes a long way. My favorite way to use it is on dry hair on day 2 or 3 to help combat frizz and add additional shine. No matter how or when I use it, it leaves my hair so incredibly silky soft!!!

Here is the ingredients label:

As I mentioned there are 8 scents you can pick for your Verde Oil. I really like most of them but my absolute favorites have to be the Cocoa & Rum and the Lilikoi! I am going to do my best to describe each scent.

 Low Scent
To me this smells slightly like green juice. It is not strong or overpowering at all.
This is one of my top favorites and one of the ones I am definitely buying the full size of. This smells to me like a powdery floral and with a little bit of Lilac. The subtle Lime note is wonderful and refreshing. It is not a heady floral, rather it is soft and delicious. When I have this on I can't stop sniffing it!
 Rose Rapture
This is a rose fragrance done right! It is not that "old lady rose" scent that I personally dislike. It also it not an overly sweet rose scent either. It smells nearly spot on like a bouquet of fresh roses to me. I also can detect the same powdery essence that I get from the Liloki fragrance.
 Vanilla Narcotique
I usually love Vanilla scents and while I do like this, I am not head over heels in love with it. To me, it almost has a masculine back to it. I smell something herbally in there as well. I like my Vanilla scents to be sweeter and more gourmand than this one essentially is.
 Lavender Absolute
Smells spot on like a classic French Lavender. This one is great to use as an overnight pre poo treatment since the scent of Lavender can help relax you and help you fall asleep. If you like Lavender, you will like this scent, and vice versa.
 Blood Orange & Patchouli Musk
I'm not a fan of Patchouli so I didn't have high hopes for this one. I wish the Blood Orange and citrus note was stronger. It certainly is earthy and a bit too manly for my personal taste. Truthfully, it smells a bit like Jack & Coke (as in Daniels and Cola) in my honest opinion.
 Temple Hymn
This is slightly addicting, but I also do not love it.Yet, I keep going back to sniff it. It is a unique scent that has a smokiness to it. It is very woody.
 Cocoa & Rum
My very favorite and I need at least one full size bottle of this one! I smell the Cocoa and I smell the Lime. I have been on a lime kick lately. It is slightly gourmand but not overly sweet with a spicey undertone .Very addicting and yummy.

Regarding the scents of all of these, even the ones that my nose may not personally care for (remember every person likes and dislikes certain scents) it is absolutely worth nothing that none of them are very overbearing, nor do they give me headaches- which certain fragrances can easily do.

Here is my day 1 hair where I used Verde Oil to seal. I also applied another drop on the ends when my hair was dry to help treat the extra damaged parts I am growing out. The Verde Oil really left my hair soft, shiny and a lot healthier looking!

If you want to smell all of the different scents to see which ones you like best, I strongly suggest trying the scent sampler out like I have here in this blog.

Also, There is a special going on now where if you pre order the full size of the Verde Oil from now until August 1st you can save 25% to 65% off of the full price!!! Shop here

Their website says a full bottle should last anywhere from 4 to 6 months because the serum oil is so concentrated. I find even these minis in the sample set last me a while since I use such a tiny amount. That says a lot because by nature I am extremely heavy handed with applying hair products!

If you do try these, I would love to know which scents you like!

disclaimer: product sent to me for review consideration. No monetary compensation received for my review. All thoughts are my own and honest opinions, as always.

<3 Diane

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