June 2015 Birchbox Review

I really like most of the items in my June Birchbox! However, I am disappointed in 2 things this month which I am going to address. If you don't know what Birchbox is, be sure to read the details at the end of this blog post!

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Continue reading on to see what I received in my June box!

The theme of this month's box is Adventure. The actual box in itself is so pretty- purple and orange ombre! This is the first month they did not include an actual card telling me about all of my products. Instead they direct me to read about them on the Birchbox site. It saves paper which in the end if a good thing. There is also a contest this month where if you enter a unique code that comes in each Birchbox, you can win things. I only won 10% off a $50 in the Birchbox shop- not that exciting. They run such better specials throughout the year.

Before I get to my items this is why I am quite annoyed. First, I received my box on June 19th. A friend who subscribed in May got hers on June 9th and she lives super close to me. Being an Ace (like VIP) member and subscriber for more than 3 years, it kind of bugs me that newbies got boxes first. And also, as an Ace each month I get early access to pick a product in my box or a curated box. I actually picked a product out for this month, received an e-mail confirmation I was going to get the product- but it is not in my box! I e-mailed Birchbox Customer service about it and they are always super helpful. They are mailing me my choice product out separately and apologized. So that dilemma was settled. I still wish I received my box earlier in the month though.

Now onto what I actually received!

Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow
Birchbox's site says it  "hydrates and calms skin, evens tone, controls shine, lightly masks imperfections, and, thanks to tiny flecks of light-reflecting pigments, infuses skin with a fresh-from the-yoga-studio radiance." It does not have enough coverage for me to use alone but I mixed it with my foundation and it did a nice job warming things up a bit yet still looking very natural.

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water
This is a cleanser that you supposedly do not need water with to use. It is 90% natural and supposed to help improve your skin.  I actually had this exact size sample as a freebie from Sephora a few months back. I'm sad to report IT DOES NOTHING SPECTACULAR FOR ME. Yes, it did remove my makeup but not any more effectively then other makeup removers. Plus I don't know, I can't imagine not using water to wash my face at night. I'm one of those people who absolutely must wash my face and always do my full night time regimen no matter how tired I am or what time I go to bed.

Marcelle Mini Waterproof Eyeliner
I'm really happy I received this liner in a Navy blue shade. I love Navy liners- they compliment my blue eyes and make the whites of my eyes look whiter. This glides on like butter and stays put for hours, even on my teary waterlines!

TOCCA Eau de Parfum "Isabel"
Birchbox's site says "Inspired by a chic city girl from Barcelona, this fragrance blends bergamot, sangria accord, Mediterranean orange, vanilla, and Spanish rose into a fresh, inspiring scent that gives us a major case of wanderlust." Vanilla, Orange, Rose- so many notes I love are in this perfume. To me the smell is pretty good- I don't hate it but I don't absolutely love it. I like it, plain and simple. It kind of has a gourmands meets spice meets subtle fruitiness to it which is pretty unique. The leather note in it also gives it a masculine feel. I'd wear this one going out at night, probably to a concert.

I am so excited I received not one but 2 hair products this month! And products I will actually use and like! (As opposed to getting voluminzers and texturizers which are a waste for me)
Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect
Birchbox says "It doesn’'t just protect hair from heat damage; it also doubles as a color protector and UV shield. The sulfate-free formula sinks in quickly and has a pretty floral scent thanks to white freesia, amber, and musk. Natural conditioners——including black currant, soy yogurt, algae, and yerba mate——combine to restore hydration to dry hair, while the unique UV/Color Polar Shield protects dyed or sun-exposed locks. Soy and vegetable proteins repair damage caused by heat and chemical styling. And don’'t forget about the defrizzing factor——anti-static technology tames flyaways, making hair more manageable and easy to style." I don't heat styler my hair but I love that this has UV protection in it! I like leave in sprays like this to refresh day 2 and day 3 hair. I haven't used this yet but I look forward to it. The smell of it is okay- it's fresh and not overbearing. This is a great size sample at 1oz- I'll actually be able to give it a fair shot!

Sarah Potempa Darby Hair Clip
This clip is made to hold hair out of your hair when using heat tools. Again, I don't use heat tools but this is perfect when I style my hair since I apply products section by section. The design on it is super cute too. Site note- Sarah Potempa also makes this awesome thing called a "Wrap Up" that lets you create buns or sleep in it for loose waves the next day. I used it all the time when my hair was longer. I can't wait to be able to use that again.

This month's samples weren't bad! I just really hope my box comes earlier next month and when I pick my sample choice, I actually get it.

So what is birchbox???
Birchbox is my favorite beauty subscription service. I have tried so many, at one point I think I was subscribed to six of them (!!) but now I just get Birchbox. Why? It's only $10, and though admittedly so, I do occasionally get a dud box, the super awesome rewards program makes up for this misses.

The Birchbox rewards program in a nutshell: when you do reviews of the products they send, you get 10 points. 100 points = $10 in the Birchbox shop which is fully redeemable for full size products! Birchbox also runs sales and extra points offers so if you are a coupon queen like moi, you wait until a promo is going in to cash in your saved up points and have a lovely guilt free haul. Also, any purchase in the Birchbox online shop or SOHO store  gives you points as well.

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*signing up through my link gives me 50 Birchbox points at no additional cost to you. Thank you for using my link!

<3 Diane

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