Tarte Cosmetics Romantic Eye-Ssentials Eyeshadow Palette from QVC

Last Tuesday I was watching Tuesday Night Beauty on QVC and there was a "One Time Only" Offer from Tarte! That means a product will be available for a limited time at the lowest price ever. I ordered this palette and brush literally minutes into the presentation! Leigh from tarte gave a sneak peek on her facebook page that this was coming so I was excited all day for it! Luckily, as of the time I am typing this blog it is still available on QVC.com and only for a little bit more than the OTO price. Continue reading on for more!

Tarte is one of my very favorite makeup brands and have been for years. I always get excited when they have new stuff on QVC. Truth be told though, since I am still out of a job (le sigh) I've severely had to cut back on my makeup buying and haven't bought a tarte palette in SO LONG (probably Christmas time). But I just could not let this beauty get by and I am so in love with it so I'm glad I bought it!

Before getting into the gorgeous palette I need to talk about this brush. This brush is AMAZING. My very favorite eyeshadow brush ever is the teeny tiny little one that came with the tarte be MATTEnificent palette back in early 2014 because it is so small and I can blend into my crease so easy. I find a lot of crease brushes to be too wide and I make a mess. The crease side of this brush is just as perfect. It is more narrow than most crease brushes I've used and gets into my crease perfectly. The other flatter side is perfect for below my brow and my lid. I like that it isn't too big to barely fit on my lid. Again, this double ended brush is perfect. It is also cruelty free (as all tarte products are) and does not shed!
Now the palette itself! I had this maybe a week and it is up there as one of my FAVORITE PALETTES OF ALL TIME. First the packaging is beautiful. Tarte's design team is oh so talented. I love the pinks and purples and teal. This palette is super small and very sleek. It fits perfectly in a handbag taking up minimal space. What I didn't realize until I got this palette home are the actual shadows are smaller than most of tarte's eyeshadow palettes. I personally don't mind because I never actually used up an eyeshadow palette in my life, but it is worth noting. What I also love about the palette is there's a huge mirror inside- making applying my makeup when not home very easy.

 One thing I don't love is the names of the shades are on a clear insert rather than being printed on the actual palette under each shade. I glued the insert to the back of the palette. This isn't a big deal at all. Also, this palette did not come with eyeshadow look ideas and some other tarte shadow palettes in the past did.

There are 16 shades total. 12 are matte and 4 have some shimmer. The shimmer shades do not have glitter. The shadows are infused with Amazonian Clay which balances out and treats the skin with wear! These shadows are so incredibly buttery soft!! I couldn't believe just how smooth they felt. They glided on my eyelid (and hand when I swatched) like a dream and blended together wonderfully. When worn over the tarte CC Colored Clay Eye Shadow Primer (not pictured or included) they wear for me all day without fading or creasing.

The colors are actually placed in a certain order. Each row horizontally are meant to be used together using the shades to the left under the brow, the second shades on lid, third in crease and shades to the right as a liner or outer V. Of course you don't have to follow this rule (I don't always) and get creative with it- the sky is the limit!

These are such pretty, neutral every day shades. I love that there are a nice amount of lighter shades since I use light shades a lot often and don't always reach for dark. I also like that overall I feel this palette has a nice "cool tone" to it. I usually don't like brown shadows but even the browns in this palette are beautiful!

Here are some swatches (without flash) I swatched them going across horizontally row by row. I swatched heavy so you can see the colors of course if you use them on your eyes the colors are buildable. Some of the lightest colors didn't come out in the picture on my pale hand.

I also very quickly did an eye look to show the shadows on my eye. I apologize my eyebrows need so badly to get threaded. I literally did my eyes in under 5 minutes and kind of rushed because I wanted to do this blog before the palette sells out. I may do another blog in the future with more looks. Clearly, I am no makeup artist.

 For this super quick, easy every day look I used "violet it be" on my crease, "i'm your pearl" on my lid and "sand by me" below my brow.

This palette and brush are on QVC right now item A260820. I have no idea when and/of/if it will be available anywhere else.

disclaimer: product purchased with my own money. no monetary compensation received for reviews. all opinions and words are my own honest thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane

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