Wen Summer Coconut Lime Verbena Review

One thing Wen Hair Care is known for on QVC are their "seasonal formulas". Every three months, the brand released a new scent that goes along with the current season. The past few years, there have been new scents each year for the season. I always get anxious to hear what it will be in hopes I will enjoy the new scents. Truthfully, I heard that this Summer was going to have Coconut scent in it and I almost passed it up- but oh man am I glad I didn't! A huge surprise is the Summer Coconut Lime Verbena is now one of my all time favorite seasonals! Continue reading for more...

Though I love fragrances, I am not a big fan of coconut in them, especially "fake artificial coconut smell" (You know what I mean) because of this disliking, originally I was going to pass up this Seasonal Formula. I wasn't a fan of the Summer Mango Coconut scent from 2 years back, it's one of my least favorite seasonals sadly.

But then I thought about it some more- Chaz Dean (Wen creator) is sensitive to fragrance himself, so I figured he wouldn't make a bad smelling coconut to trigger headaches. Then I thought about coconut mixed with lime and such and I do love lime. After watching the first presentation about this new seasonal and it being described as "fresh" and "clean" on QVC I decided to give it a try- I could always return it if the smell bothered me.

Well the smell doesn't bother me at all! I LOVE it! It's soooo good! I smell the Lime predominantly which I love. It does have a very fresh scent to it. This scent literally smells like Summer. Wen nailed it with this season. When i close my eyes and smell it I feel it is a mix of Margarita with hints of sun tan lotion. I can spray this mist on my face and feel like I am at the beach.

I am so happy I decided to give this smell a lot despite not loving coconut scents. I am thrilled the coconut is not overpowering.

On top of them smelling lovely, the Wen Replenishing Treatment Mists do so much for the hair and skin! I like to use them as a second or third day hair refresher- and I will spray them whenever my hair begins to look particularly dry & frizzy. They leave my hair soft, help revive limp waves and add incredible shine! Not to mention they also help repair the hair and keep it healthy. I also use them to sometimes set makeup or I will spray them on any part of my body to leave my skin feeling so soft and smelling amazing.

 There are some awesome ingredients in this formula too including coconut oil, aloe, superfruits such as acai and goji better, a four tea complex and amino acids!

So as of now, here are my top 5 favorite Wen Seasonal Scents:
1) Winter Vanilla Mint
2) Spring Orange Blossom
3) Summer Coconut Lime Verbena
4) Spring Honey Lilac
5) Fall Ginger Pumpkin

I really want the Oil in this Summer Coconut Lime Verbena scent too but sadly with still job hunting at the moment I can't justify it. So I'm hoping QVC does some kind of special One Time Only (OTO) configuration with more styling products that smell like this so I can pick them up. I wish I can get the cleansing conditioner, but my scalp had a reaction to them last few times I tried.

What are your favorite Wen seasonal scents? What scents do you want to see Wen come out with?
I would love to see some kind of Berry Scent or even even something like Strawberry Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade next Summer. A Rose scent for Spring would also be awesome as long as it is fresh Rose and not dated.

*At time of blogging, the Replenishing Treatment Mist Duo in Summer Coconut Lime Verbena is available on QVC.com item A266142 for around $45. 

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disclaimer: products purchased with my own money. No monetary compensation received for review. All opinions and my own and honest thoughts.

<3 Diane 

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