Beauty Items I Bring to the Beach & Post Beach Care Routine

I love going to the beach. It is my favorite thing to do and I look forward to getting there as much as I can in the Summer all year. By now I have my beauty beauty routine down pat so I thought I would share it all here. Continuing reading for more!

As much as I adore the sea, the sand and the sun, any beauty junkie will tell you the sun is the #1 enemy for age prevention, though the rays do feel so good. I always have my umbrella open on my chair so the sun really is not hitting my directly until I go play in the water.

The morning before heading to the beach I do my usual skincare routine which of course involves high SPF and I usually spray some leave in conditioner in my hair. I also always apply the  It Cosmetics CC Cream and Waterproof Tightline Mascara. Sometimes I don't even bother with the mascara. When my hair was a lot longer I would do braids but it's not necessary for the length my hair is at now (I miss my mermaid hair)

Here is the beauty products I usually always have with me while actually on the beach:
Deep Conditioner or Hair Treatment
In the picture here is is Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Souffle but any deep conditioner works. I love the Shea Moisture ones and Original Moxie Intense Quench as well. I apply the product throughout my hair as soon as I get settled in the sand so the sun can penetrate it into an all day treatment. When I get my hair wet in the Ocean, I reapply after. Using deep conditioner in the sun for hours leaves my hair so so so so so soft.

Wide Tooth Comb
To distribute the deep conditioner and help with tangles for when the waves win.

Baseball Cap
So my hair looks presentable when we go grab lunch nearby.

My eyes are so light blue the sun hurts them! I always need sunglasses when outside, at the beach especially.

The 2 here are by Mally and Tarte. Lipstick on the beach is pointless- it will melt. So a nice gloss that has moisturizing ingredients is a must to keep my lips hydrated and it looks nice in beach selfies!

It Cosmetics CC Cream & Celebration Foundation with SPF
I repply sunscreen to my face constantly- at least once an hour! I get so nervous about my face burning, especially with the skin care I use. I like that these offer a little bit of coverage along with the SPF. The Celebration Foundation also helps with shine.

Sunscreen sprays apply effortlessly and feel so lightweight on the skin. This is Neutrogena SPF70 with Beach Defense. I like Neutrogena sunscreens a lot and Costco sells a pack of 2 of them plus 2 little tubes of the cream version for around $13!! The way I go through sunscreen on my beach days it's the most affordable way. I always use high SPF because I am pale. I still sometimes tan despite it. I apply it right before we get on the beach and constantly reapply.

Ouidad Sun & Sport Shield
Yes I do apply this amazing UV protection spray on top of my deep conditioner on the beach. 2 reasons: 1) I do not want my part on my scalp to burn! and 2) It helps to protect my color. It also has extra vitamins to protect again sun, sea salt and wind. This is also a must for me at water parks with the high chlorine levels.

Ponytail Holder and Clip
I love the ponytail holder my friend Nora sent me because it leaves no dents! But yes, sometimes it gets really hot and I need my hair off my face.

I bring about 3 of these huge smartwater bottles to the beach and drink all of them. It's super important to stay hydrated when in the sun!
Not pictures but also a must for me right after the beach are makeup wipes- I am so breakout prone I need to get all the built up SPF and beachyness off my face ASAP. I also use them on my body. I like the "Yes To Tomato" ones and also the ones by "Pacifica" that have coconut water in them!

I also have a jar of tweak-d restore treatment in my care and a mini bottle of essential scalp oils. I apply the tweak-d for extra treatment and I figure well I am washing my hair I want my essential scalp oil blend to sit on my scalp for a bit prior to help enhance my hair growth.
Post beach showers are the best. I love how clean I feel. Because it is usually later in the day (and almost never at my own house) I want my shower and especially hair routine to be quick so my hair dries before bed.
This Davines SU Hair and Body wash is a recent discovery that I LOVE. It was in my mom's Birchbox a few months ago and she gave it to me. This cleanser is especially made to be used after being in the Sun or at the beach. It has citrus extract and it very hydrating. The smell is delicious- like SweetTart Candies! It leaves both my skin and hair feeling so soft, moisturized and clean. I plan on getting the full size.

After I shower, body wash and check all my nooks and crannies for excess sand I put conditioner in my hair and turn the shower off. My after beach post hair routine is very quick. I leave the conditioner in and just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze out as much excess water as possible. I don't bother with a lot of styling products post beach because as mentioned, I want my hair to air dry fast! So I usually take a little hair oil and run it quickly through my hair in sections, twist my hair up turbie style in my curly tee and then do my skincare routine on my face and use Josie Maran Argan Butter Lotion all over. It's such an amazing after sun body lotion. Argan Oil is also amazing for sun burns- just ask my boyfriend who sometimes doesn't listen to reapply sunscreen like I do (love you babe).

After all that I take my hair down and let it dry however. I don't clip the front back like usual because that would take even longer to dry. To my surprise lately it turns out a lot like this:
Tighter curl definition then usual but it also comes with frizz.

Well that's about it for my beach day beauty routine!

<3 Diane


  1. Real dedication- taking product photos at the beach. Great post!

  2. haha they were kinda all in a pile near my chair anyway :) thanks!

  3. I need to try that Ouidad spray- my part always gets burned D:


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