Hair of the Day: Brushed Out!

So I have been breaking so many "curly rules" lately as I have mentioned. My most recent "curly crime" is that I brushed my hair out dry! Read on for more and for pics!!

Okay, That is the first and last time I am going to say curly crime because really- you have to do what works for your hair. Since my hair is shorter now, the waves are looser (they get curlier as they grow. Opposite of most I think?) and I can practically finger detangle dry anyway.

So the other day I forget if it was Day 2 or 3 hair. I was using my tangle teezer to brush out my clip in extensions that I might be using next week. I took a look at my hair which all I did that day was spray a mix of Carol's Daughter Leave In's (Mirabelle Plum and Monoi) for moisture and it wasn't looking it's best. So I sectioned my hair and just tangle teezed it dry.

I actually really liked the results!!
My hair was super soft and shiny with minimal frizz- except for the damaged, still bleached ends which really need a trim sometime this month.
I also liked it makes my hair appear longer, which if you are a regular blog reader (hi. thanks!) you know that's really all I want.

Lately I have used a combination mainly of SheaMoisture and Original Moxie products and I have been loving them. I also mix the DS Labs Revita Shampoo in with my SheaMoisture Shampoos.

So I may be doing this more often because of how it turned out. I'll see.

<3 Diane

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