Hair of the Day: Day 1 Hair with Great Definition!

The other day I had some really good day 1 hair! It was also super nice out so I had to take pictures, of course! Read on for me to go into more details about it.

The night before wash, like always, I slept with an essential oil blend on my scalp. I used the 3 More Inches Pre Wash Treatment through my lengths. I have been using this once a week for quite a bit recently- I should do a seperate post review on it because I think it is great.

When I woke up before I worked out I used the tweak-d Ultra Nourish self cleansing treatment. This one smells so good.

I love my shirt! It's so old I forgot where I even bought it.

Shampoos: SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage, Superfruit Renewal and DS Labs Revita Mix. I love this mix because it leaves my hair so soft, helps with shedding, helps with hair growth and my hair feels clean but not stripped!

Conditioners: A mix of these 5 SheaMoisture deep treatments (see pic). As mentioned in a previous blog post, you don't NEED to mix so many, but I am a product junkie and love mixing. I always love the super soft, super shiny results of the combo!

Stylers: I used a mix of 4 SheaMoisture conditioners as my leave in. I actually finished it up so I will now be moving on to a new leave in conditioner- stay tuned! Followed by Original Moxie Hold Up Serum/Oasis Gel mix and SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Glosser to seal.

After the shower I squeezed out all of the extra water with my hands and then applied all the stylers one at a time section by section except for the glosser. I raked them through and kept shaking and scrunching until no more water came out. Then I twisted it up turbie style using my curly tee (a plain cotton t shirt works too) while I did my skin care and body care and once it was down I applied the glosser and let it dry using Ricky's NYC creaseless clips to control the front like this:
I feel like my hair is growing a bit, finally! But there are still so many breakage/shorter pieces that drive me up a wall. I really can't wait for it to grow. My hair has been extra soft and silky lately and it really feels so healthy- minus the obvious split ends I need to trim.
I have really been enjoying the combination of stylers I have been using. It will be interesting to switch to a different leave in.

<3 Diane

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  1. Your hair is definitely looking longer to me! I am finally able to do a French braid in my curls which feels so good...nice and gentle on my hair compared to the bun I so often do! I think your curls are also getting more defined as you get more length (unfortunately, the opposite for me).


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