Hair of the Day: Day 1 with Innersense Beauty & more

I have been using the Innersense Organic Beauty Products for a week now. Yet, today was only the second time I actually used the stylers, but wow do I like them! Continue reading for more!

If you missed my first Innersense Organic Beauty post last week where I explain about the brand and products, and also give my first impressions, check that out here.

I did try the Leave In on dry hair last Saturday but want to try it again a few more times before giving my thoughts of using it as a refresher spray.

So that post happened last Friday when I washed my hair. I went to the beach Sunday AND Monday (amazing times 2) and washed my hair both days because I just can't not wash my hair after the beach.
Since I knew I was going back Monday, Sunday evening I just cleansed and conditioned and didn't bother with styling products at all. I mixed the Innersense Color Awakening Shampoo with the Davines SU Shampoo that I adore using post beach days. I used the Innersense Color Radiance Conditioner on it's own after leaving it in for 5 minutes. I also had deep treatment in my hair while on the beach for the heat from the sun to penetrate it in. My hair dried so so so very soft and had nice, but not using styling products left it crazy frizzy.

Monday post beach shower I did the exact same thing only I mixed the Innersense Color Radiance Conditioner with Tweak-d Restore. I realized I forgot my Innersense styling products at home (post beach showers were at Tommie's house) so used some SheaMoisture mix of lotions with the Tahitian Noni & Monoi Glosser on top.

I didn't wash my hair the rest of the week until today (Friday) since Tuesday. I used various stylers and refreshers in between. A lot of SheaMoisture but I think I clipped my hair back someway or another every single day.

So last night I slept with Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir Scalp Treatment on my scalp and the 3 More Inches Treatment in my hair. I went in the pool this morning and used the Tweak-d Restore treatment as a barrier against chlorine. I haven't been able to work out my lower body this week (strained my left leg) so I figured swimming was gentle on it.

After the pool, I washed with the Innersense Color Awakening Shampoo. I LOVE the smell. I used a mix of the Innersense Color Radiance Conditioner with the Nubian Heritage Grow & Strengthen Mask. I LOVE The Innersense Conditioner- it is so very hydrating and moisturizing but I find myself using a lot more of it VS the shampoo so I decided to mix it with something to stretch it out a bit. I left the combo on about 20 minutes then rinsed and my hair felt so very soft again. Still, I say if you want to start off with the Innersense brand and can only get one thing- try this conditioner!

Styling was identical to last week:
After I rinsed out my conditioner I squeeze dried the excess water with my curly tee towel. I applied all of my styling products section by section raking them through my hair and scrunching a little bit. I went in this order: Leave-In, Quiet Calm, then I Create Hold. After I applied them all I twisted my hair up in my curly tee when doing my face and body care regimen. When I took my hair down I applied the only non innersense beauty product I used here- SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Glosser. I allowed my hair to air dry clipping the front hairline pieces with Ricky's NYC Creaseless Clips for control.

I really have had some nice Day 1 hair with Innersense! Using these products on Day 1 hair I notice less undesired poof, lack of frizz, increase in shine and increase in softness and some definition. My underneath layers especially had some amazing curls going on! I also think my hair is air drying faster than usual using these products which is awesome.

<3 Diane

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