Hair of the Day: Day 2 Combed Out/Clipped Back plus Makeup

I keep meaning to do more "Hair of the Day" posts but truth be told most days lately though it feels healthy, soft and has little frizz, I am not fond of the shape or split ends so I usually throw it back and don't bother much. But today happens to be a day where my hair is not super terrible, plus I have new makeup to play with so low and behold, a blog post is here. Continue reading for more!


Yesterday was Day 1 hair. Prior to washing I had the tweak-d Ulta Nourish Self Cleansing Treatment in my hair 10 minutes.
Shampoo was Innersense Color Awakening
Conditioner was Innersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner left in around a half hour while I used my NuFace.

conditioner upgrade!
I LOVE THE Innersense products! So much so, I barely use the stylers because I want them to last. So I save them for special events and days I want my hair to look its absolute best- until I can afford to buy them regularly. I did however invest in the HUGE size of the conditioner with a 20% promo code a couple weeks ago (I'm sorry I think it expired) because I am going through it a lot quicker than the shampoo. I always use about 4x as much conditioner as shampoo. I adore every thing about the conditioner, except the scent. But the scent does not linger and the conditioner is that amazing, so we are good. The shampoo smells so good I want to drink it! Very Orangey.

The Innersense Shampoo and Conditioner combo leaves my hair feeling so soft, less frizzy, more manageable and merges all of the colors together better. I wish you guys can just feel how soft my hair is, it's insane!! I look forward to my hair being a length I like so I can appreciate the stylers even more.

Styling wise after the shower:
First I used the SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Root Lift to get the hair growth ingredients on my scalp, followed by a mix of some SheaMoisture milks/lotions (anti-breakage, grow & restore and the curl smoothie...all mixed in one bottle). I then used the new SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Mousse I picked up at Ulta (review of this whole line soon) and sealed with their Tahitian Noni & Monoi Glosser.
I applied each product section by section then used my curly tee to soak excess moisture out and then it air dried.

Now today. After I worked out I used the VERB dry Shampoo on my scalp. This is my favorite dry shampoo ever because it not only leaves my hair clean, but also moisturized.

Then section by section I used a combination of the VERB Leave In Mist and Sea Salt Spray (I mixed them in the same bottle) and followed the sections with the SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Serum (I think this is a target exclusive). While my hair was still a bit wet I slicked it all back into a mini little bun thing.
I  took my hair down after a few hours and used my tangle teezer to gentle comb through it all and what you see are the pictures here. I like the look of the looser waves and it makes my hair appear longer than if I were to scrunch and define my curls to their maximum capability right now.

The VERB line is another really great and affordable hair line! I reviewed a bunch of their products before, as did my boyfriend. Tommie actually used up all of the Shampoo and Conditioner we had from them. The Leave In is a star product by VERB for me too, so It is on my re-buy list in the future since I am low.

The front of my hair is clipped back because I still need a desperate trim and they just do not look good hanging down at the moment. I have been searching and destroying the super bad split ends, but need my boyfriend to carefully help me with an overall trim.

All the non-bleached parts of my hair, which is most of it, keeps on feeling healthier and healthier. =)

I officially have not bleached my hair in over a year! Last July was the last time.
I have no colored my hair at all since February of this year.

Makeup wise today I have a combination of tarte cosmetics and Doll 10 Beauty. On my lips is the stick and gloss from the Doll 10 Blush & Go Cheek Contour Stick and Lip Gloss in the shade "Love at First Site" I'll have a seperate review on this product soon because it's so pigmented and moisturizing. I love it!

And just a reminder tarte friends & family sale is still going on til August 3rd with code FRIENDS! Shop Here! If you go to the sale section, there is a kit "Sweet Indulgences" The 30% off works on this!! So you can get almost $300 worth of tarte makeup for about $55!! CRAZY.

Thanks for following.
<3 Diane

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  1. I'm so happy I found your blog! I used to watch your YouTube videos religiously. You were one of my favorite youtubers and I was very sad to see that you stopped. You are an inspiration for me and the reason I was able to grow my curly hair long. I'm sorry that you had to cut your hair due to the damage, but you're lucky because you're a very pretty girl and can pull off any style. You're hair still looks amazing by the way :)


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