Hair of the Day: (Sort of) French Braid Headband!

So this Hair of the Day is from Saturday but I have been busy this week! I am the world's worst hair styling person (irony, eh?) and have been practicing and practicing french braids. I know I am far from amazing at it, but I finally caught on well enough to go out in public with one! Yay! Continue reading for more.

But seriously. I can't tell you how many youtube videos and blog tutorials I have watched and read to try to get the headband French Braid down pat. I still need more work, clearly. My hairline area is a hot mess right now- it's short, uneven and just needs to grow (as does all my hair, but that is besides the point) so I am looking for cute different ways to camouflage it so I can go out and look presentable.

I was thrilled that I finally felt good enough to go out in the French Braid Headband because I was THISCLOSE to just wearing it half up, half down AGAIN. My boyfriend (love you babe) keeps begging me to wear it all down, but my sides are also a hot mess and it is rare I actually like how it looks all down, still.

I started the day with day 2 hair. I sprayed some Innersense Oraganics Leave-In Conditioner Spray in section for moisture. Throughout my hair on top of it I added in a mix of SheaMoisture lotions that I love (anti-breakage, marine complex, strengthen and grow and the tahitian and monoi creams). I brushed my hair out with the tangle teezer after (been doing that a bit lately) My hair felt, so so soft- especially after using the innersense products the day before (read that blog post here)

Oh did you see another new SheaMoisture collection at Ulta now!? It has coconut water inside!! I NEED IT! Okay...anyway so I put the products in and then did the French braid hours later securing the ends with ponytail holders (note to self: go buy tiny clear elastics) and bobby pinning them to the bottom of my head in the back behind all the other hair.

For some of the flyaways and extra frizzies in the front, I used the SheaMoisture Strengthen and Grow Edge Treatment. 

I still really need a trim.

The lipstick I am wearing is "Melted Marshmallow" from Too Faced Melted Lipsticks Collection. I love the color and really love that it is long wearing. I have also been obsessed with the Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes (gold tube!) Mascara again.

My dress is from Lilly Pulitzer. I have been on such a Lilly Pulitzer kick and wish I was working so I can just buy a ton more of her stuff. This dress is perfect because it covers the parts of the arms I hate, is not too tight and is super comfy yet pretty!

We went out to Point Pleasant Boardwalk with some good friends and had a great night. I have been waiting all winter to get a chocolate/vanilla swirl soft serve ice cream cone in a pretzel cone!!  I really do love the boardwalk and beach and going down the shore. 
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 <3 Diane

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